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GAP Management with SAP Solution Manager

Unclear requirements and inadequate requirements management are among the biggest cost drivers in IT projects. According to a survey carried out by the FHS St. Gallen (University of Applied Sciences), 75% of the companies surveyed were dissatisfied with their requirements engineering. Despite this, only one-third were actively taking steps to address these problems.

In SAP projects, a requirement comes from business users and describes a desired functionality. Gaps are a requirements that can’t be fulfilled by SAP (or other software). In fact, mistakes during gap analysis phase result in the most follow-on costs for a project. 

With Change Request Management in SAP Solution Manager, you can make changes to existing solutions, document the changes, and transport them in a transparent manner. Until now, however, suitable tools for managing requirements or gaps for new implementations or establishing a requirement process that is not dependent on change request management have not been available.

With our consulting solution “Requirements Management for SAP Solution Manager“, we have closed this gap.

Requirements Management.png

Our consulting solution was developed with four main objectives:

  • Focus on those functions that are required most in practice
  • Simple operation and easy-to-use user interface
  • Full integration into SAP Solution Manager processes
  • Full-blown BI reporting capabilities

RM Report.png

To manage only a few requirements, a spreadsheet can be very helpful. But with many gaps and requirements you need more powerful tools. At the end of a project you have to prove that all gaps are implemented, tested and approved. With “Requirements Management for SAP Solution Manager” you can prove this with just one click. Powerful search and reporting capabilities help you to avoid scope creep and exploding project costs.

Feel free to contact me if you need more information. There is a user manual available in form of an interactive iBook for iPad or PDF (german and english).

Best regards,


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  • Hello Robin,

    Very interesting .. but I am confused. Except for BI indicator (which looks very nice!) ...In what parts your Requirement Document is so different than a Z customer transaction type ? Do you provide a particular configuration / assignment bloc that is not yet delivered by SAP, which could help in a GAP analysis phase ? Does your Requ. Document is linked to the Solution Manager Project ? (as the Change Request)



    • Hi Louis,

      you're absolutely right - essentially it is only a new transaction type. We use a lot of standard features like approval workflow/lifecycle, attachments and change history. But there are some new features:

      • Gap management specific attributes
      • Risk and impact matrix
      • Effort estimation and control
      • Bulk changes
      • BI reports

      More important, you can link gaps with Solution Manager projects, business processes, test packages and transactions. If you have also Change Request Management, it is possible to create a change request from here.

      At the end of the day you know exactly where a gap came from, who implemented, tested and approved it. Just with one click.

      Best regards,