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Did you know that birds are dying in Istanbul?

Analyzing social media in the web can give you information that you hardly find in the news – including the statement above. “Birds are dying!” –  This shocking statement is one of the top hits if you analyze social media around the latest incidents at Gezi Park in Istanbul.  Many people discuss via social media if the sudden death of birds around Gezi Park has been caused by the broad usage of tear gas.
This example helps to make one important fact obvious – analyzing social media is not “spying”. It helps to find information that is meant to be heard. People using social media want to express their opinion openly, they want people to listen and they want to make things change.
Customers chatting about products or reacting on a new marketing campaign, Parents stating the lack of child care places, Citizens reporting bad road conditions or voters demanding special political programs – they all express their sentiments and requirements within social media.
Imagine what valuable use cases there are if you could listen to those people. Companies could verify if marketing campaigns or product launches are successful, or get immediate feedback on product issues; Public authorities could evaluate the citizens´ sentiments on big investment projects; Security organizations could be forewarned about possible escalations on big events; Researchers could find new areas of high practical relevance etc.
You don´t need to be extraordinarily creative to find hundreds of additional use cases. But, key to your use case is the extent of the audience. If you try to “listen” to social media and analyze the meaning of comments you will soon border on “big data”. Due to massive amounts of data in social media, a thorough analysis cannot be done manually. In this case, the SAP HANA Sentiment Intelligence rapid-deployment solution can help you to extract this high volume of data, to interpret texts, and finally to analyze the data.
SAP HANA Sentiment Intelligence rapid-deployment solution is preconfigured to acquire unstructured data from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. This innovation also supports integration with social data providers like DataSift or Gnip and it integrates easily with the social collaboration platform SAP Jam. If you want to harvest data from other sources, you can. The solution includes configuration guides help you do that and it also provides suggestions on other online sources to consider in your intelligence gathering project.
In addition, the solution can combine the unstructured data with structured data, such as data from spreadsheets, or from internal systems like SAP CRM.
So, now you have access to excessive data, but how can you really “listen” to the massive amounts of unstructured data from various channels? The inbuilt text analysis function of SAP HANA enables you to extract meaning from text data[1]. It uses linguistic and statistical techniques to make sure the results are
returned and correct. The solution can classify sentiments from “strong-positive” through “neutral” to “strong-negative”.
The information and sentiments that are extracted out of the data can now be used for insight to action. SAP HANA Sentiment Intelligence rapid-deployment
solution provides a consistent and intuitive sentiment cockpit with ready-to-use interactive graphical analytics that meet a wide variety of business user needs.
This cockpit doesn’t keep you tied to the office. You can either use it via your desktop or via a mobile device.
Have a look on how it might look… 
If you wish to build up your own reports you can build and share them with the optional SAP Lumira software. And, to support product and campaign planning it is possible to apply predictive analytics on data provided by sentiment intelligence.
And if you now think about a long running implementation project with exploding costs, I need to correct you – the SAP Sentiment Intelligence rapid-deployment solution can be implemented in only 5-7 weeks.  As all SAP rapid-deployment solutions, the specialized SAP HANA package for sentiment intelligence comes with a predefined:
  • Software scope based on best practices that enables you to analyze data immediately
  • Implementation timeline
  • Price on implementation
Customers and partners of SAP get more detailed information on the solution on SAP Service Market – or get an highlevel overview by watching this video on youtube:

[1] As of August 2013 the solution supports English, German, Spanish, and French. Support for Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian is planned in near future.

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