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Blank form solution

Hi all,

I want to share a problem and it’s solution:

the problem:

I have a form that is very dynamic – the user can add/delete table rows and more, when each action like this calls webdynpro java code and even sometimes shows a webdynpro popUp.

it all worked fine, but after several user actions the form just went blank (gray screen) with the loading circle going around and around forever.

the solution:

1. Open the form for edit

2. In the LifeCycle* tool bar choose edit–>Form Properties (that should open a popUp)

3. Choose the Defaults tab and change the Target Version to the latest version

4. Choose the Performance tab and sign the CheckBox that says ‘Allow Form Rendering To Be Cached On Server’

5. Choose the Preview tab and change the DropDown saying: ‘Preview Adobe XML Form As:’ to – Dynamic XML Form

6. Enjoy a form that works nicely

I can’t explain exactly why it helps I just know it does – as to step 5 I’m pretty sure it isn’t critical (while step 6 is).

thank you for reading



* there are two toolbars in the screen: first one is the netWeaver’s toolbar and it is placed on the top of the screen, the second one is the LifeCycle’s it is positioned at the top of the central main view (where the form is displayed).

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