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A gallery of some of my more popular Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Performance Management cartoons — contact me if you’d like to reuse (free). And don’t hesitate to suggest topics that deserve a cartoon!

Opinions Are Good. Data is Better.

Cartoon: Why you two have finished arguing your opinions, I actually have data!

The Bad Data Breakup

Cartoon: It's not you. It's your data.

Don’t Trust Gut Feel

Cartoon: It would appear, Hopkins, that your gut feel was only indigestion!

Big Data Boasts

Cartoon: I think you'll find that mine is bigger than yours!

What You Get If You Don’t Have Analytics. A HIPPO.

Cartoon: No Analytics? Welcome to the Hippo

Some Middle Managers Don’t Like Analytics

Cartoon: now we have analytics, it's getting harder to hide your incompetence

There’s No Reward Without Risk

Cartoon: tracking performance without risk is... shortsighted

One of The Ironies of Calculating the ROI for BI

Cartoon: I tried to build an ROI case for BI, but I couldn't access any data!

What’s the ROI of What You Don’t Know?

Cartoon: What's the ROI of knowing what you don't know? (I don't know, either)

Business Intelligence Wish Fulfilment

Cartoon: Press this button to save millions of dollars

It’s Not About How Big It Is

Cartoon: To be honest, I don't care how many yottabytes you have

What’s The ROI of Business Intelligence? Higher than the ROI of Ignorance.

Cartoon: What's the ROI of BI? It's higher than the ROI of ignorance

Data Quality? Cross Your Fingers And Hope…

Cartoon: Yes, you can absolutely trust those numbers

The Daily Life of a BI Incompetency Center

Cartoon: A BI Incompetency Center in action

Stop Confusing Me With Facts

Cartoon: I'm making a decision! Stop confusing me with facts!

Making Strategic Decisions With Data

Cartoon: Yes, I have made a strategic decision -- to ignore the bad news

Automatic Business Intelligence

Cartoon: Our dashboards are so advanced, they automatically filter out bad news!

Don’t Be A Turkey When It Comes To Predictive Analytics

Cartoon: Turkey does predictive analytics just before thanksgiving

These Analytics Folks Think They Know Everything!

Cartoon: these analytics people think they know everything!

Is Everybody Else Doing It While You Just Watch?

Cartoon: Analytics: worried that everybody else is doing it while you just watch?

Have ERP? Thank Heavens for Analytics

analytics and ERP

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