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How to create specific layouts in MMBE

Hi ,

I hope the Below documents helpful to all. I received requirement like below,

Client requirement is when I executed the MMBE report for stock overview i am getting all levels like unrestricted , quality stock, blocked stock, receipt reservation , on order stock  , schedule for delivery etc. They need choose layout as on requirement.  Example one they need only quality inspection stock. one more user need on order stock like.

In standard there is functionality to change layout with versions.

The below are settings required to display versions in MMBE.

Step 1 :

OLMB —> Reporting —> define stock list display—> display versions




Here you can create new versions as per your requirement. It like just create test.



Go back and select rules for display of stock balances


Go to new entries enter your version with details

Here lot of fields helpful to choose the field names .

If you need fields you can check in table  T157B

BDMNG Reserved
BDMNS Rcpt reservation
EINME Restricted-use

Safety stock

SPEME Blocked
MENGE On-Order Stock
INSME Qual. inspection








You can save as a variant by using the save button.

Hope it is helpful to all. 

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