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BusinessObjects Design Studio Question and Answer – ASUG Webcast

Today SAP’s Jie Deng answered several questions during a Question & Answer ASUG webcast, all about Design Studio

This was a suggestion by ASUG Volunteer Joyce Butler, who also moderated the webcast.

Question & Answer

Q:  For a “net new” organization that is going to be using SAP ECC & BW in early-2014 should we be “scrapping” any Proof-of-Concept work we have done in Dashboard (Xcelsius) and start “clean” in the new Dashboard Design tool…?

A:  Recommend look at 1.2 version which planned for  GA in Q4 and build prototype; when comparing to Xcelsius, not all visual components are in Design Studio.

A:  Design Studio has OLAP features, mobile HTML5 technologies; build prototype in Design Studio 

A:  Design Studio still does not have offline feature  


Q:  Will 1.2 version of Design Studio require the to be running under the the 4.1 version of the SAP BO-BI Platform…?

A:  1.2 BI Platform requirements are the same as 1.1 – read the PAM for the 1.1 version –  


Q:  We’ve created a couple of applications using Web Application Designer (WAD), how hard will it be to “migrate” to Design Studio?

A:  Depends how complex WAD is; if using standard WAD, and not your own custom code; planning to provide conversion support.  Should be low effort in that case; in case you add custom code and customizing, then it will be hard to migrate using conversion tool. 

A:  May consider using Design Studio (DS) to rebuild application if complex as the technology is different.  


Q:  When will DesignStudio be supported on Android, please?

A:  Currently requirement is on backlog – planned for releases after 1.2 – earliest date will be 2014 but no dedicated date.  


Q:  Can we build a Design Studio local prototype against our SAP NetWeaver BW 7.02 system without the full BI 4.0/4.1 or older BOBJ platform.

A:  If use BW runtime and want to store on BW, without BI platform, then you have minimum system requirements of BW 730 SP09 or BW731 SP7 

A:  This will work for local prototypes -BW 7.02 is sufficient.  


Q:  If we have a design studio app/dashboard based on BW queries, is there an advantage to hosting it in the BW environment vs. BI 4.X environment?

A:  Based on today – 2 differences to consider.  First, if want to connect to multiple back end systems within one application, then need BI platform.  With BI platform you can connect to multiple systems.  With BW, can only connect to one system. 

A:  The other aspect is mobile – with BI platform you can use the mobile BI solution. 

A:  Also have NW portal mobile solution – but it is not a native iOS application but a link. 

A:  Look to future – broadcasting options; plan for broadcasting first enable in BI Platform and later in NetWeaver part.  


Q:  Is this only for BW and OLAP? if yes, is there a plan to use it with other data sources?

A:  Design Studio 1.1  can connect to BW and HANA as backend systems.  Plan to connect to other data sources such as universes in the future releases.  


Q:  When will geo maps/geo coding be added, please?

A:  This is planned for releases after 1.2 in backlog.  


Q:  Does design Studio support Hierarchy?

A:  Yes Design Studio supports all OLAP features that BW provides – time dependent hierarchy, attributes, etc.


Q:  Can Design Studio connect to R/3 systems and fetch data from backend tables. If not, are there any alternative tools?

A:  1.2 via SDK via web services; or use transient provider today (ehp 5 ECC 6.0 or higher)  


Q:  What is the roadmap for supporting BW Integrated Planning? Rough Timeline?

A:  This is a very high rated in Idea Place – planning to do this in 1.3 next year – can’t promise though


Q:  Will Integrated Planning functions be supported by Design Studio.

A:  Just answered – planned for 2014  


Q:  How can Geo-Maps be integrated in Design Studio? Are there any 3rd party Add-ons which Design Studio support for the same ?

A:  With 1.1 do not have; with 1.2 will not have geo maps; partner using SDK could do that but beta program has just started.  


Q:  is there a licensing fee?

A:  Yes there is a fee; check with account executive.  


Q:  We are planning upgrading DS 1.1 with SP02, We noticed that it will only work with Internet Explorer 10

A:  Works with IE9 – check the PAM or perhaps put in a support ticket.  


Q:  is Design Studio using HTML 5 for ipad? Same with iphone?

A:  Yes, exactly; technology is HTML5 and can deploy on mobile devices.  Deploy on iPhone, iPad, or Mobile BI solution  


Q:  will it work with other browsers: Firefox, Chrome, etc?

A:  Yes will work with other browsers.  For IE need 9 for runtime – check PAM  


Q:  What is the selection criteria between Dashboard and Design studio,what is main difference between Design Studio and Dashboard

A:  Two different tools, both aiming to build dashboard but using dashboards. 

A:  See strategy direction and direction for dashboarding on SCN – will consolidate 2 tools into one 

A:  If backend is HANA or BW, consider building application on Design Studio first. 

A:  Design Studio is optimized for BW and HANA  


Q:  What is the Design Studio scripting language and where can we find a tutorial, training or reference guide?

A:  Subset of JavaScript languages; if you know JavaScript you should be fine; provide content assistance with CTRL-SPACE – see for tutorials and examples.  Complex coding – need JavaScript know-how to do that.  


Q:  Can Visual Composer applications be migrated to Design Studios?

A:  With current planning the answer is no as Design Studio is the premium alternative to WAD/Xcelsius and VC is different technolgoy  


Q:  What the technology Design studio use , which is different with Dashboard?

A:  DS is HTML5 based and Dashboard has provided HTML5 version – answered before, will become one tool in long-time.  DS is optimized for BW and HANA and will offer support for  universes.  


Q:  Will SAP provide conversion tool to convert existing Xcelsius dashboards to design studio? If so, is there a prerequisite in terms of BI support pack level (SP5 is required?)

A:  Planning to provide conversion support; cannot commit to any year or timeline for conversion tool.  Still busy providing back-features and Xcelsius features such as universe support.  Architect is researching conversion tool  


Q:  Is there drilldown functionality by clicking on objects?

A:  Planned for next year  


Q:  Do we have bookmark concepts in Design Studio in future ?

A:  Yes this is planned for  the future as Design Studio is a successor to WAD  


Q:  How can we make design studio dashboards available on mobile?

A:  2 options – 1 for end users use the Mobile BI solution using the Bi platform, category mobile to DS application then see it on the MobI app. Developers can do it locally using QR codes  


Q:  Is there a data size limit using Design Studio?

A:  Cannot generally say limit for that – not like Xcelsius limitation.  DS uses BICS interface to connect to BW / HANA (analytic/calc views) –  


Q:  Will there be maps built into DesignStudio (not 3rd party add-on)?

A:  Not currently.  


Q:  Is there plan that Design studio will support non BW/HANA data in the future

A:  Already answered – planned after the 1.2 release  


Q:  Is Design studio dashboards can get data directly from BW 7.0 and BW 7.3 infoproviders ?

A:  Yes  


Q:  Do we have bookmark concepts in design studio in future ?

A:  Yes, this is planned for the future


Q:  Can BEx query be the source of Design Studio?

A:  Yes, this available today  


Q:  What about support for Android tablets?

A:  Planned for released after 1.2  


Q:  For HANA data, the analysis view is the source for Design studio? how about other views?

A:  Calc views can be a data source too  


Q:  Do you have RRI (report to report interface) functionality in Design Studio ?

A:  If asking about defined BW – do not have – planned for 1.3 release. if jump from one app to another, can use opendoc link today  


Q:  What training will be available for Design Studio and what is the knowledge recommendation to train your staff so they can work on Design Studio (besides Java)

A:  Tutorials are available at and SAP education has training available – see 

A:  Team members should also know BW and HANA, BEx Query building 

A:  May need to know CSS knowledge to influence application look & feel.  


Q:  Do we have design studio certification exam by SAP ?

A:  Not available yet  


Q:  Is Ingo’s book coming out besides on Kindle?

A:  Ingo Hilgefort‘s Design Studio book is only available on the Kindle – you can download a Kindle reader for PC, Cloud reader, iPad, etc.  


Q:  Is there any plan to enable IP (integrated Planning) from Design Studio ?

A:  Yes, IP is very important; planning to deliver in 2014  

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Our thanks to Jie and Joyce for this session.

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      Author's profile photo Manna Das
      Manna Das

      Thanks for these Q & A Tammy.

      Author's profile photo Christoph Albrecht
      Christoph Albrecht

      Hello everyone,

      This article is quite dated and there are some statements contained regarding future plans that are not accurate anymore.

      Specifically, SAP does not plan any longer to extend platform-dependent functionality (e.g. bookmarking, comments&annotations, scheduling&broadcasting, offline, componentization&re-use) for the NetWeaver deployment beyond what is provided in Design Studio 1.5.

      In case of doubts, please always refer to the latest product roadmap on the SAP Service Marketplace.

      Kind regards,

      Christoph Albrecht

      Product Manager Design Studio

      Author's profile photo Michael Howles
      Michael Howles

      Thanks for bumping this thread, all the same, Christoph.  Would you also be able to lay to rest any hopes of a conversion tool (mentioned in the transcript) to migrate WAD and Xcelsius content to DS?  It was alluded to early on and has fallen off any recent roadmaps/webinars.

      Author's profile photo Mustafa Bensan
      Mustafa Bensan

      Hi Christoph,

      Based on your comment as well as this one indicating that support for HANA deployment is being abandoned, it seems that going forward the recommended deployment platform for Design Studio is only BusinessObjects.  Would that be a correct interpretation?