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Add catalog links to professional user transaction


Add catalog links to the header area.

image2013-8-7 16-49-24.png

Enhancing header component.

first you need to determine, which component to enhance. Right mouse click, select “More field help”. 

image2013-8-7 16-51-48.png


Go to transaction SE80, open WebDynpro component /SAPSRM/WDC_UI_SC_DOFC_HD and click on “Enhance”.

image2013-8-7 16-57-2.png

Create new enhancement

image2013-8-7 16-58-41.png

Enter Enhancement name and choose a package for developments

image2013-8-7 17-0-21.png

image2013-8-7 17-2-16.png 

Enter following values.

image2013-8-7 17-5-28.png

Now a new reference to catalog list WebDynpro is created. Navigate to View V_SC_BOFC_HD, and enter enhancement mode, if needed.

image2013-8-7 17-7-37.png

Right click on Root element container and select “Insert element”

image2013-8-7 17-9-27.png

image2013-8-7 17-10-6.png

Enter following properties.

image2013-8-7 17-11-37.png

Now right click on TCO_CATALOGS -> “Insert element”

image2013-8-7 17-12-42.png

Enter view container name.

image2013-8-7 17-13-40.png

save and activate the changes.

Embedding view

Navigate to window IV_L_FPC_CA_HDR, enter enhancement mode (if neccessary).

Right click on view container and select “Embed View”

image2013-8-7 17-15-27.png

Select view to embed via search help.

image2013-8-7 17-17-27.png

Save and activate changes.

Enhancment for WD configuration

Goto Repository information system and search for WebDynpro Component Configuration /SAPSRM/WDCC_FPM_SC_HD_PR.

image2013-8-7 17-19-51.png

Start configurator

image2013-8-7 17-20-24.png

Click on “Create enhancement” in the opened window.

image2013-8-7 17-21-25.png

Enter Enhancement Name and Package

image2013-8-7 17-22-32.png

Change created enhancement.

image2013-8-7 17-23-19.png

Add new usage definition.

image2013-8-7 17-23-55.png

Add component /SAPSRM/WDC_UI_SC_DODC_CC for created usage ZSRM_CATALOG_LIST and save the changes.

image2013-8-7 17-27-5.png

Enhance Initialization

Go to Component controller properties of /SAPSRM/WDC_UI_SC_DOFC_HD,  enter enhancement mode and add a component usage.

image2013-8-7 18-3-32.png

Double click on interface controller.

image2013-8-7 18-4-9.png

Save and activate the changes.

Go to Component Controller methods and enter enhancement mode. Then add post exit for method L_FPC_GENERAL__INIT.

image2013-8-7 18-0-35.png

Click on “WD Wizard”

image2013-8-7 18-1-36.png

Select Component use via Wizard.

image2013-8-7 18-5-51.png

Adopt code as following.

image2013-8-7 18-9-30.png

Save and activate the changes.


You have catalog links under your header data

image2013-8-7 18-13-47.png

P.S.:  English language is not my native language, and any person is not insured from mistakes and typing errors. If you have found an error in the text, please let me know – I’ll correct the post.

P.P.S.: If you have some ideas, how to correct/improve this post – please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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