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What does personal branding really mean?

Slideshare is one of my favorite social media channels. It’s easy to find great content from experts by following them or simply searching on keywords.

This deck, The D.I.Y Guide to Branding,  was created by Shivam Dhawan and there is a good reason it already has close to 100,000 views: it is not just visually appealing but also brings the message around what branding means to the point. Thanks Shivam for letting me share the deck here with my readers. 

Personal branding – do it yourself from Shivam Dhawan

(Question to Laure Cetin & Audrey Stevenson: Is there a way to embed a Slideshare deck into an SCN blog? The HTML code never “sticks” for me.)

This is my favorite slide from the deck:
Quote on Branding, MarketingXLerator, Shivam Dhawan; Social Media Marketing & Strategy

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