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SAP Process in Machine Shops: Issues and Remedies


This article deals with a case, which is believed to be resembling with SAP-Plant Maintenance implementations at some other places. This basically discusses the problems arise during and after implementing SAP, in Centralized Machine Shops of large manufacturing industries, where a legacy system (like CMMS ) existed,  the issues thereby and the possible solutions.


Machine shop process involves two main functions, namely

  1. Spares Fabrication (like Fasteners, Sleeves, Bush Bearings, Flanges, Couplings, Gears and so on, for production unit maintenance.)
  2. Repairs of Machine parts (Dismantled & brought from production unit to the Machine shop)

When SAP was implemented, SN1. above was identified as Production process and SN2 as Refurbishment Process.

Eventually, the machine shop process was  split into 2 modules, PP module for SN1., and PM module for SN2.

Process1: Initiated by Sales Document, then a PP order is processed and ends with Usage decision in Quality Module.

               Tcodes: VA01,2,3  CO1,2,3 , CO11n, MB11, MB1B, MIGO, COOIS, QA32,33 etc.

Process2:  Initiated by a Repair notification, then a Refurbishment Order is processed and ends with UD in QM.

                Tcodes: IW21,22,23,28,32, MB11, IW8W, MB1B , MIGO, QA32,QA33 etc

{Legacy system was addressing both these functions in a single  system.}


  1. The end-user (machine shop person) is having to deal with many Tcodes related to PP and PM modules.
  2. He does not have a consolidated reports retrieving of factors like

          –     Total machine capacities booked for PP & PM orders in a single screen.

          –     Order status for both categories in a single screen

          –     Total Tonnage produced in a single screen

          –     Goods movement (start to finish) information against each order in a row.

                due to which, he had to

                  i. Go through too many commands (Tcodes) for retrieving information.

                  ii. Importing this data to Excel sheets and combining, to prepare consolidated report for administrative purposes.

and several such.

Remedies applied:

There was no option for the user, to have a single order system for both functions referred above. But the reporting part can be addressed to relieve him to a good extent. But there were technical constraints. The development of such PP-PM integrated reports, was demanding expertise in PP, PM and ABAP (also a about tables related to SD, QM and MM). During implementation, the consultants could not help in this area before they left.

After quite sometime, someone from ERP PM team of this organization, could develop himself, to reach these levels to address the above requirements.

Several PP-PM integrated reports were developed to serve the data required in a single ALV screen.

Few main reports are referred here, (several drilldown reports are not discussed)

Reports on Machine Capacities:

(Development based on tables  S024, S022, VIAUFKS, VIAUFK_AFVC, JEST, TJ02 etc.)





Drilldown Report (Operation level)


Reports on Order Status, Operation Status, Goods Movement:

(Developments based on tables AUFM, AUFK, AFKO, AFPO, AFVC, AFVV, AFVU, JEST, TJ30, TJ02 etc)





May notice DMS column (1st), where the icon, on clicking directly takes to the related drawing.

Drilldown Report (Operation level)


The screen-shots might be good inputs for the members who are in similar situations.

The Objectives of this post:

  1. To give inputs to members who are in similar situations, pre/post-implementation.
  2. SAP might take a call about this function (Machine shop process) and provide a sub-concept under Plant Maintenance (like Fleet Management).

        This would help reduce the end-user pain, in both, Data Entry and Reports areas.

Thank you


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      Author's profile photo Mohamed Rafi
      Mohamed Rafi


      Can you clarify why a sales order is required to manufacture spares? These spares are for internal consumption right not for delivery to customer.

      Author's profile photo K Jogeswara Rao
      K Jogeswara Rao
      Blog Post Author

      Greetings Rafi,

      The central theme of the post is about addressing processes belonging to 2 different modules during mapping of a business function. One may opt Sales order route or may not.

      The process was mapped as under during SAP implementation:

      The production unit creates a Sales Order for fabrication of spares like explained above, on which the Machine shop planning section creates a Production Order and processes the same.

      In a similar fashion, when it is a case of Repairing a machine part, the production unit creates a Repair Notification, on which M/c shop creates a Refurbishment Order.

      Jogeswara Rao K

      Author's profile photo Srinu S
      Srinu S

      Nice blog. learnt something basics about SAP PM. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Very good Integration article

      Author's profile photo K Jogeswara Rao
      K Jogeswara Rao
      Blog Post Author


      Thank you Vijay

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear  Sir,

      Your documentation & guidence is appreciated. Please help me in basic process of SAP-Production -Descrte Mfg scenario.

      1.For a Finished material- 1pc, 1pc of raw material is required . To manufacture this only one operation is 'Turning'.

      2. Production order released for manufacturing 1pc of FERT.

      3.While  in 'as is process' In Shop floor, I will go to the RM Stores and get issue of the Raw material with requistion slip,and take it to the Machine.After completion of the operation, in production report I will log the how much Finish material produced & Raw material consumed.

      4.In SAP how would be the material issue process takes place with movements types ? please guide me , with below points.

      Main store is SLOC-0001 where the Raw material is Recieved and stored.

      i) If I dont have Production storage location ( MRP2 view concept)

      ii) If I have production storage( Issue storage) location SLCO-0002 ( which is beside the my Lathe machine whre I put the material after recieving from main stores) scenario

      Thanks & Regards,


      Author's profile photo K Jogeswara Rao
      K Jogeswara Rao
      Blog Post Author


      • First of all this is not a place to discuss things which are quite away from the subject.
      • And then your query is like knowing about BBP of a process.
      • If at all chances are there to get a patient reply to your long query that will be not from any blog like this, also not from EAM space.
      • You need top post your query in PP space (ERP Manufacturing - Production Planning).

      Good luck