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HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 4: New Org Chart functionality – The Workforce Viewer


I continued exploring the new features of HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 4 and I found one more interesting functionality – The Workforce Viewer(new Org Chart functionality in addition to the existing NAKISA Org Chart functionality). I have hunted for more information about this topic in SAP Help and found this info.

Flashback (Old functionality)

Not a very long back (about 10 months back), I wrote a blog introducing the new Org Chart functionality which came up with EHP6. Till HR Renewal 1.0 FP3 the NAKISA based Org chart functionality is the only Org Chart functionality that is confined to “Master Data Application” through “Show Chart” button –



Current (New Functionality)

With the HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 4, we got a new Org Chart application i.e. Workforce Viewer delivered which is a HTML 5 based application-


The blocks that are displayed in the new Org Chart are called as “Cards”. These cards can represent different Persons or Org Units or Positions who are part of the Org structure. Each card has the following functionality –

Quick View: This functionality provides a short profile of the selected object.

Number of reporting employees: Indicates the number of people reporting to this person.

Email: This button allows us to send an email to selected employee.

Actions Menu: This is very much similar to the existing functionality.  The button allows us to open various applications based on Launchpad definition (for e.g. HCM Process and forms based applications).


Since “photos” are not configured in our system, the Org chart remains fairly simple.

This new functionality can be called from various places i.e. from all 3 homepages (Employee Self Services, Manager Self Services and HR Administrative Services). For e.g. you can now access “Organizational Chart” from “Employee Self Service” where you could view your current org structure with the peer information –


It’s been so nicely integrated with the “Search functionality” where you could now easily visualize the search results from Org Structure perspective with a simple click.


Conclusion –

Though I can continue writing the details of this new functionality for pages, in order to make sure that you are not bored, I have to end this blog now ! To conclude, I really loved this new functionality especially the way it’s integrated with many applications like Search, ESS, MSS, HR Administrative services. Though the old NAKISA based functionality still exists in Master Data Application, but that works more with the Web Dynpro Applications only. I wish we could gradually integrate this new functionality with the Web Dynpro Applications also. One more interesting flaw that I found was – The performance of this application is not very encouraging. I am sure SAP would release notes in future that would address these performance issues.

Let me know your thoughts on this new functionality.

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    • Yes Murli. In fact SAP's new direction for ESS MSS Applications is SAPUI5 / HTML5. With this HR Renewal 1.0 FP4, we got the homepages of ESS and MSS got converted into HTML5 based Landing pages.

  • Raja,

    Thanks for the information.  HTML5 is clearly the way forward because of its inherent functionality and suitability to mobile devices (without the need for plug ins).

    What this option does well, like the SuccessFactors Org Chart, is put the chart at the heart of the process ... i.e. it is the starting point for first orientating the user and then digging deeper or initiating change. 

    What I would like to understand a bit more (if you have time), is how configurable the chart is right now ... or is planned to be in the future.  I've worked with Nakisa's OrgChart solutions for over 6 years now in dozens of implementations, so I know the range of requirements that clients request.

    What I also hope to see soon is some clarification from SAP's HCM Solution Management team on how this functionality fits in with regards to Nakisa's solution extension for Org Visualization.  My understanding is that it is not intended to replace SOVN OrgChart, but I believe that is currently how some people are perceiving it.

    Finally, I couldn't help but notice the use of the terms "cards" and "quick view" ... reminds me of the SuccessFactors org chart!

    Thanks again for blogging.


    P.s. Small note; your first blog link ("Org Chart functionality") needs correcting to point to

    • Thanks for the feedback Stephen.

      I have gone through the configuration part of new Org Chart functionality and realized that it's very easy and simple ! I shall write one more blog on this configuration activity very soon !



      • Hi Raja,

        Thanks for the wonderful blog.

        I am getting the workfore viewer blocks. but the employee card is empty. The little icon does show the details of the employees.



      • Hi Raja,

        Can you please provide us the Step by Step configuration for using Workforce viewer in Enterprise Portal as well as in Net weaver Business Client ?

        We have tried so many different ways but still unable to do it successfully. All the prerequisites as per the Administrator Guide for HR renewal 1.0 SP14 has been done.

        We have mix of WD-JAVA & WD-ABAP services in Enterprise Portal.



        • Hi Anand,

          As far as I remember, I didn't perform any configuration activities to activate this functionality. If your BASIS Team activate the right Business Function this functionality should work on its own. No explicit configuration is required as far as I remember.


          Raja Sekhar

    • Fabulous blog. Thank you so much Raja! It's a joy to read and very informative.

      Hi Stephen, based on your experiences, what are the main differences between HR Renewal's HTML5 org chart and Nakisa Org Chart? For a company that doesn't require a sophisticated org chart (single manager - employee relationship), upward navigation and org chart in ESS are not a must, what would be some of the reasons to implement Nakisa instead of using HR Renewal and SF's Org chart? Considering significant effort is required implementing Nakisa Org Chart (Org Modeller and Audit are not needed).

      Thanks very much in advance!

      Best Regards,


  • raja.

    how you get the new org vs Nakisa to show on screen? we in hr prof role in organization lane. when click on "show in org chart" it goes to nakisa? i see launch pad called for org but what is key for personalization? OData and SICF services have been activated per docs

  • yes it is activated. also activated hcm_pao_ci_3. have also reviewed the standard config in the img under the search lane where the setup is done for the new visualization. the only item is where do i add the launchpad called hrorgvis navigation? i assume it should be on the role provided by sap but there is no "personalization key" that seems to work

  • from sap doc

    To launch the Workforce Viewer, you have to maintain the settings for the launchpad in the Customizing. The entries are shipped as part of standard delivery. You can configure the standard actions in the launchpad (transaction LPD_CUST) using the following role and instance:

    • Launchpad Role: HRORGVIS
    • Launchpad Instance: NAVIGATION

    i think the issue is that it is not assigned to the role in pfcg. but i do not know which personalization object to select to add this lpd.

  • HI ANNA,

    for this new functionality do we need to add any sap notes let me know once .....or else standard loney settings emina change cheyyala once let me know

    • Yes Jwala,

      This new functionality is delivered as a part of HR Rnewal 1.0 FP4. You should install this FP4 for you to see this new functionality.



  • Hi Raja

    We want to use HR Renewal but we wanna use the hub deployment for SAP Netweaver Gateway.

    We have been testing but don't work.

    We have seen in the Administrator's guide that is possible to use a WebDispatcher to redirect request from /opu/odata services to central Gateway.

    Do you know if there is another way to do it? or is mandatory to install a Webdispatcher if we wanna use the Gateway as a central hub?. Best Regards.

    • Hi SAPIMSA,

      Unforutnately, I am more a Developerish Functional guy 🙂 ! So I might not be able to answer pure BASIS questions.

      Sorry about that.


      Raja Sekhar

  • Hi Raja,

    We have installed HR Renewal and found that there is no download or print functionality.

    Can you please share any information you have on this ?



  • Hi all!

    I have problem with the employee pictures in MSS role "My Team" and the Workforce Viewer. No picture is displayed - but when I go to Employee Card I see them.

    Can anybody please give me a hint.

    Thank you very much!


    Gregor Brandstätter

  • Hi,

    Thanks a lot for this great blog.

    Can tell me if this is possible to bypass structural authorization for the workforce view only? I would like that managers can see all organization in the workforce view but only his/her employees in the others functionnalies.

    Thanks a lot.