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SAP GeoCoder Basics and GTS Implications: Customer Master Transfer

Hello SCN Members,

In this document, I will be discussing about the Geocoder error that may appear while Transferring Customer Master to GTS.

SAP GeoCoder Basics

The Geo Coding Program is used to determine the latitudes and longitudes of location referred to in Address.

This has application in like determining local times, calculating Distances between two points etc.

SAP provides a Standard GEO Coder Program SAP0. 

It can be viewed in transaction code: SZGEOCD_GEOCD2CLS

SPRO path :->  SAP Netweaver -> General Settings ->  Set Geo Coding -> Register GeoCoding Program in System.

1 Geocoders.jpg

For each Country, A Geo Coder program is assigned.

More than one geo-coding program can be assigned to a country.

This Assignment can be seen in tcode: SZGEOCD_GEOCODERS

SPRO path :->  SAP Netweaver -> General Settings ->  Set Geo Coding -> Assign Geocoding Program to Countries.

2 Country Geocoder .jpg

Each Geo Coding Program decodes the address to  a specified level.

For eg: the SAP Standard Geo Coder SAP0 decodes the   geographical position upto  Region level,  ie  In a Address, it can determine the latitudes and longitudes  for a Region in a given Country.

This is controlled via assignment of Address fields to the Geo Coder Program.

This assignment can be seen in  tcode SZGEOCD_GEOCDRLFLD

SPRO path :->  SAP Netweaver -> General Settings ->  Set Geo Coding -> Assign Relevant Address Fields for Geocoding.

3 address Fields.JPG

As you can see above, For SAP0, Country and Region Fields are assigned as relevant to Geo Coder. 

The data in these two fields of any address is used by Geocoder program.

Note : The Implication of this for  us is  whenever a customer master is transferred to GTS, the country and Region  entered in Address   have to be present in  GTS and have to  have their  geographical data set in the respective tables.

Sap Supplies the mapping of the Countries -> Geo Cordinates in client  000.

The same can be viewed / maintained in view V_GEOT005 in SM30.

Transaction code for the same: SZGEOCD_GEOT005

SPRO path:   SAP Netweaver -> General Settings ->  Set Geo Coding -> Process geographical data for Countries.

4 Country Geocordinates Mapping.jpg

If you have made any modifications or new entries in this table  or in case your GTS client doesnot have all the entries, you can adjust the above view with your ECC client.

In same way, geo coordinates mapping has to be done at region level also.

This is because SAP0 uses two level geocoding that is at country and region level.

The mapping of regions to geocordinates can be seen in Transaction Code : SZGEOCD_GEOT005S

SPRO Path :   SAP Netweaver -> General Settings ->  Set Geo Coding ->  Process geographical data for Countries and Regions

Sm30 View Name V_GEOT005S

5 Region Country Geocordinates Mapping.jpg

GTS Perspective

We are transferring Customer master from  Feeder system to GTS.

The Transaction Code for the initial transfer:  /SAPSLL/DEBMAS_DIRR3.


Customer Transfer.jpg

In case all customers are not transferred to GTS and the message “Of X selected partner(s), Y were processed” is displayed.

To analyze the reasons for transfer failure, run Log analysis Tcode SLG1 in GTS Client.

SLG1 log.jpg

As you see on analyzing the logs, the   geocoder error message is displayed

Geocoder SAP0: Country specification is incomplete (Customizing)

Message no. :GEOCODING002

To correct this message, you have to  maintain the  Geo Cordinates of the country and the region in GTS.

As stated above, these data can be maintained in  views V_GEOT005  and V_GEOT005s respectively in SM30.

The Transacation codes for the same as stated above are  SZGEOCD_GEOT005  and  SZGEOCD_GEOT005S  respectively.

In case,   you are in cutover stage of Implementation or in final  preparation and want to  ensure that all countries and regions are present in GTS client, you can adjust the views V_GEOT005 and V_GEOT005s with either  ECC client or Standard reference client  000.

Note:  You can go to Utilites-> Adjust. Select the appropriate RFC connection (to ECC Client or 000 Client). Select the desired entries (R or MR) and click on Adjust button.

Do share your comments/ Suggestions / issues  you faced related to this Geo Coder or  transfer of Customer masters to GTS.

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      Nice document Sunil.

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      Useful information Sunil. Thank you very much.

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      I want to know exact what is the use of this.

      I am new to GTS please let me know.