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How to resolve DTP request stuck in Yellow status and can not be deleted from DSO

This is a real time production scenario where I faced problem for DTP request stuck in Yellow status – it can not be deleted from DSO and preventing next deltas to load correctly.


1. Tried to change technical status to red by clicking on DTP process monitor. Error as below:


2. Clicked on DTP process monitor- ABAP dump as below:


3. Tried to change DTP status with function module: RSBM_GUI_CHANGE_USTATE. Error as below:


4. Checked table:

     a. RSBKREQUEST- USTATE=TSTATE= 0= New request


     b. RSPCPROCESSLOG has state= G, and actual state= A.


     c. RSBKDATAPAKID– this DTP request is not found in this table.


The reason of the dump is due to an inconsistency entry in table RSBKREQUEST. The request should not be remain 0 in USTATE and TSTATE. Therefore, we requested Basis to change the status of USTATE and TSTATE in table RSBKREQUEST manually to 4, then deleted this request from DSO. And this solved the issue

SAP message- 299691/2013:


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