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The functionality has been around for a long time via BEx and has proved extremely useful in many projects and is widely implemented across the industry. Here I detail how to set up RRI drill down in Analysis for OLAP a new feature in 4.1 releases, it’s very similar to the previous set up although this provides a very nice feature for the one Enterprise  reporting suite methodology especially when incorporated with jump links.

1. Logon to the BW system which the query is based and your OLAP connection has been set up for.

  • 2. Execute transaction RSBBS,select the query to use as your first point of navigation then select create.
  • /wp-content/uploads/2013/08/1_257562.png
  • 3. In the sender reviver assignment screen we will be drilling down into another BW query, though other options are available such as opening a relevant ECC transaction. In this case select BW query and then enter the receiver query technical name in the receiver object field.


    4.  Select the assignment detail selection; this will define how the user navigates the drill down from one query to another. In this case the user selects an individual country which will provide a more detailed report in the same analysis space. Select your drill down type, field assignment and selection range
    in this case single, now select apply and save your settings.


    5. Logon to Launch Pad and select Analysis for OLAP, create a new analysis workspace using your original query. 

    6. As before, right click the country characteristic you want to filter by and select go to > Your report which will then filter the report by the country you have selected and insert the analysis view into your session.



    7. Further analysis can then be completed on the view all within one workspace.

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      1. Former Member

        Hi Ioannis,

        fond this older blog. You said…. “Good to know that this useful functionality is now with us with BO as well”..

        Do you know how this is implemented via BO Design Studio ? Could not find a solution. I have a query connected to BO Design Studio. The query itself has an RRI Drilldown assigned to it and works fine in BeX. However, in BO DesignStudio this feature is not available to me when executing the query. Is there maybe scripting needed ?

        Wondering that this useful and widely implemented feature is obviously not directly given in BO Design Studio !?

        Thanks and regards



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