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HR Renewal FP4 – What’s new in HCM Process and Forms

I got a very decent introduction about HR Renewal 1.0 Feature Pack 4 after it’s recent release.

The very first thing I checked after installing HR Renewal 1.0 Feature pack 4 is HRASR_DT(Design Time). Scanned through the transaction real quick and found the below new features –

Roadmap Form –

I found a new form type i.e. Roadmap form along with FPM Form, Adobe form and Mass form –


Searched for this key word in SAP Help and found some interesting  information .

I see that the “Infotype Version” field added at the Form Scenario definition under the “Validity Range”-


Two new steps (Personnel Action and Roadmap) are added under the Form Scenario –


Personnel Action is an optional step that lets you mention the action that needs to be executed on submitting the form –


Roadmap step lets you define the list of infotypes that needs to be updated-


This screen resembles the classic infogroup configuration screen where you could mention the Infotype, Subtype and Operation-


I didn’t find the “Forms” step under the Form scenario anymore. I then realized that these individual infotype screens are reused from “Infotype UI screens of Master Data Application”.

On opening the roadmap form a see a whole different new UI altogether –




Along with the configured infotypes under “Roadmap” step, we got a bonus screen 🙂 – “Wrap Up” screen which indicates that we have reached the last step.


Conclusion –

Finally SAP has started making some excellent moves by introducing a configurable “Roadmap” step using HCM Processes and forms(I wish we have this functionality introduced years back). It’s a very decent and powerful UI which uses all possible technologies – FPM, BOL, FLUID(Biz cards), etc. This new functionality not only allows us to run “Actions” with excellent UI, but also drives the step based functionality without necessarily running any action. The only down-side that I saw in this new functionality is the “Wrap-up” screen. I somehow feel that this wrap up screen is very bland(with no useful information). I wish this “Wrap-up” screen shows the entire step information(all infotype information) which provides some kind of “Preview” functionality.

Let me know your thoughts on this new functionality.

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  • Thanks for the very interesting post Raja.

    This functionality allows to move yet another process (PA40) to the web!!

    Did you find anything about dynamic actions as they are very often used in the back-end processes?  I have heard that SAP was thinking about including this functionality as well via P&F but don't know when they were going to deliver this.

    If you have info on this, this would be very welcome!



    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Yes, this "Roadmap form" not only moves the PA40 functionality to "Web", but also allows us to define a step based form update without running any actions.

      So far, I didn't find any feature to import the existing "Dynamic Actions" from backend. But I always use the generic services to achieve this dynamic actions functionality.

      I shall let you know once I find something new about "Dynamic Actions" related to HCM Process and forms.



  • Hi Experts
    Have any seen this error before? Happens when trying to test a roadmap form.

    ""Authorization Method 01 not supported for BOL form type processes""

    KR Michael

    • Hi Micheal,

      I would try to give SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW to your test user id and see if this error is gone. If that's the case, it's definitely to do with your authorization.


      Raja Sekhar

      • Hi Raja

        Thank You for a very speedy answer!
        But SAP_ALL & SAP_NEW did not change anything.

        Have to add that it is only for Roadmap forms it happens.
        When trying to execute (a copy of) HRPAO_IN_TRANSFERS i do not have the problem.

        BR Michael

    • Hi Raja

      We eventually got it to work.

      Customer infotypes were deleted (they need proper setup).


      But now i have another question/problem for you and all other HR Renewal FP4 Processes experts:

      How come that both a FP4 Hire Process and ESS iView for IT0002 gives, or does not give, access to edit fields? I just had the problem in a Hire form for India, the HR Professional could not enter all relevant data for IT0002. Then I changed customizing in V_T588MFPROPC - and now fields can be edited. But this can not be transported because it will interfere with portal setup for ESS India.

      How to avoid this collision?

      KR Michael

  • Hi,
    Another question regarding Roadmap forms is about drafts, and saving when going through a multistep process with 20+ infotypes.
    Just experienced yesterday that "my" Hire roadmap process crashed when trying to give input to It0008.
    This raised several questions form customer about how/when draft is saved (without actually using Save Draft button)
    Has SAP considered a Roadmap process where some kind of draft is saved for each Infotype? In current setup everything was lost due to a single infotype crashing.
    Have anyone tried to connect the "Next" buttons to an automatic save-function, thus the work is not lost when process connection is lost/chrased etc.. ?
    Look forward to read your inputs;-)
    Best Regards

    • Micheal,

      Yes, you do have an explicit "Save Draft" functionality. Yah, I wish SAP gives in such automatic "Save" option after completion of every "Roadmap" step or right before the dump 🙂 !

      May be if you want to put down this wish as feedback for my other blog - My top 5 wishes for HR Renewal 2.0 ! May be SAP would observe this blog and this wish could be considered for future releases 😉


      Raja Sekhar

  • Hi Raja....

    very nice blog...

    We have installed HR Renewal component. But still in the design time I am not able to see Roadmap Form option. Is there any business function we need to activate?



  • Hi Raja,

    Excellent blog !!

    I would like to know what it offers when we integrate it to Workflow. What I mean is if we have a approver in place and when he open the work item, will he able to see a single form or all series of infotype steps.

    Lets say HR professional runs a process (e.g. Salary Hike) and series of screens are executed. But it should not update the database after wrap up rather it should flow to Manager for approval. So in this case, what manager will see? all set of screens in display mode or a any Biz card screen available for him with Summary.


    Kalikinkar Lahiri

  • Hi All


    I have implemented HR Forms using Roadmap. The functionality of hiring through PA40 is working fine. At the time of hiring IT0008 , when I enter the amount in Annual Salary Filed, WT 1010 gets populated but when I do the same thing through Roadmap functionality , WT 1010 does not get populated

    Can someone please help.

    Its urgent