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Dear SAP Practitionars,

This blog would guide you how to extend material master to ‘Material Master Sales View’ by using transaction code MM50.

Prerequisites: If any view is not displaying when you go inside the transaction MM50 you need to make it to display by selecting the view in OMS2.

Example: for HALB material ‘Sales View’ wouldn’t be displaying to extend neither in MM01 nor in MM50, since generally people would’ve not selected the view in OMS2 for HALB material type. So we need to go to OMS2 –>double click on the respective material type (HALB) –> and select the view which you want to display.

Note: Material code should have already maintained for all of the basic settings and views, (Basic Data 1, Basic Data 2 and Label Data) which is required for a material.

  1. Take the list of materials and use that to limit the data.
  2. Choose the views that you want to extend, i.e., “V” is for sales.
  3. Execute the transaction

Step 1: Select maintenance status (v)–> enter material numbers–> execute


Step 2: Click on select all button to select–> and click ‘Maintain Materials’ push button to proceed further.


Step 3: Once you execute the below screen would get displayed, click on enter button–> since in Sales: Sales Org. 1 view – tax code is mandatory it would take you to a view, where you can maintain tax codes.


Step 4: Fill in the tax classification as shown below and click on enter button to proceed further


Step 5: Once you click on enter button it would take you to Sales: Sales Org. 2 view, here ‘Item category group’ is mandatory, so enter the same to proceed further.


Step 6: In Sales: General/Plant view nothing is mandatory, so you just have to click on enter button to proceed further.


Step 7: Next it would take you to Foreign trade export, even here also nothing is mandatory, so you just have to click on enter button to proceed further.


Step 8: The enter button would take you to Sales text view; here you can enter the text and click on save button to save the material.     


Step 9: Click on save button to save the material

Thanks & Regards,

Narayana N

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  1. J├╝rgen L

    Any day I hope that I read blogs where I can give a positive comment, blogs that tell me something new.

    MM50 is a transaction which was already available in the 90s of last century. There is nothing new on it. And you did not tell anything what was not already covered in 496 discussions in SCN which can be found when searching with MM50.

    And just caring about mandatory field in a material master is not a good approach either. An user with a little bit experience knows that many other fields are important for the designed business too.

    Hope to see a higher quality in your next blogs.

    1. Narayana N Post author

      Dear Jurgen,


      Thank you for the feedback, I would welcome your comments and assure that would provide a higher quality in the next blogs.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Narayana N

  2. Scott Carrick

    This was very useful to me as I was not able to find anything clearer on this when searching SCN. Not sure why the comment at the top was made. Thanks for posting.

      1. Sudhakar Kosana

        Hi Narayana,

        I am trying to use MM50 to extend classification views to some material masters. I have 285 materials for which the classification view is missing. But when I use MM50 with all these materials, I see only 12 materials in the output. I randomly checked other materials and I was able to extend the classification view directly from MM01. Do you have any idea why the rest of the materials are not showing up after executing MM50?

  3. Former Member

    Hello Narayana,


    Can we use mm50 to extend material from one plant to another plant. If yes, it would be great if you can share the process.



    Amrit kaur


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