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Don’t Enhance a Generic Data source which is on Info-set rather create a Generic Data source on Function Module in BW 7.3 or in older versions.

We were trying to enhance a data source which is on Info-set..

I mean we don’t have the required field in Info-set and also we cannot modify the Info-set as per the requirement.

So we tried to incorporate the required field in data source structure by appending it in structure of the data source.

Appending was successfully finished and also the routine for filling up the appended field was successfully executed,RSA3 gives very good result.

When we tried to execute the Info-package it is not loading up the appended field..

I have debugged the SAP Standard generated program where in I found that customer exit program is not called up for filling up the appended field while executing the Info-package.

So Enhancing a Generic Data source which is on Info-set is not suggestible..

Instead create a Generic Data source on Function module which will not rise any issue even after enhancement is done…

This is only suggestible when  you don’t have the requisite field in the tables of Info-set which is assigned to data source and when you are not able to get the requisite field into Info set by joins..or by any other means into info set.

At last I created the data source on functional module it gave very good result of required data needed..


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    • Hi,

      This kind of behaviour is due to a SAP standard generated program...

      Design is made in such a way...

      So SAP might have thought Functional module would be best one in this kind of scenario's and there are lot of advantageous in using FM..

      Hope this information might have a lot