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Deactivating Hold Functionality in Purchase order Screen

Requirement: Deactivate Hold functionality  in Purchase order screen (ME21N).

First go to Transaction code SE19 and Input the Badi name as per below screenshot and click on Create Implementation.



Now Input the Implementation name as Z_ME_HOLD_PO and Press Enter key.


Enter the Description of the Badi as per above screenshot and Click on Save Button and assign and Package and press Enter key.


After Saving, System prompts you the Workbench request. Here click on Create New Request and Add the description as you required and press Enter key twice.


Now go to Interface Tab and click on Method IS_ALLOWED


Put the below code and click on Activate button and Press enter twice and Activate again.


Now create a Purchase order in ME21N and you can observe that the Hold Icon is disappeared.


Note : 

1) You can have written your own logic such as Suppressing / Deactivating the “Hold” icon for Certain document types etc.. with the Said BADI.

2) With the said BADI, you can also deactivate the Park functionality in Purchase order screen. The Method for Park functionality would be CH_PARK.

Please note that Park functionality in Purchasing documents has been introduced in SAP ECC EHP5.


I welcome Suggestions / comments.

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