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Quota Based on Working more than 8 Hours a Day in +/-Time Management

I. Purpose

The Purpose of this document id to generate the absence Quotas using PCR.Which is often same for US Clients. I have taken the Example. Requirements may vary client to client. This document can be used for the reference.

Note: before looking at the document, basic knowledge in Absence Quota must be investigated carefully

II Requirement:

Part time employees who work on Hourly basis will get 0.5 Day quota on completion of more than 8 hours of shift on a particular Day shift.


We need to group the Part time employees under different grouping as per our requirement.

Table: V_503_E


To full fill the requirement I have written A PCR to   check the number of working hours entered in info type 2011 and 2002. We have two info types from where we enter the timings. For positive employees.

Time Types: 1712




PCR Z0006



Inserting the PCR in TM04 (Alias ZM04)



·         Here Firstly we Query on Employee Group: OUTWPPERSG this will check the employee group “V”

·         OUTTPORIGS: Here we check the origin status of the Time Types.

The origin Indicators:

     E-     Time Events from 2011

     P-     Time Events from 2002

·         HRS=PNUM; this will check the Number of working hours in TIP Table for 2011 and 2002.

·         We will add the number of working hours to the Day Balance 1715

·         Next the HRS Operation will check the hours for More than 8

·         If it is less than 8 HRS will add 0 to the time type 1712

·         If It is greater than >8 this will add the 0.5 number of hours to the time type 1712.




TIP Entry:




After running The Live time Evaluation:



Thanks and Regards,

Srikanth Reddy Munugala

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