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Wonder if Design Studio is able to leverage BW Workspaces? Here the answer

In order to do a demo in Design Studio these days, I was preparing to cook some data in SAP BW. In this sort of situations, I use a small InfoCube with some InfoObjects that are relevant for the corresponding demo. In order to upload a dataset, I use the program CUBE_SAMPLE_CREATE (runnable from SE38), which allows me to directly enter data to the InfoCube, without actually having a data model to feed the cube. This already efficient, but is there an even easier way to upload data to SAP BW?
Yes, there is: BW Workspaces, and even better, Design Studio is able to directly connect to BW Workspaces!

A BW Workspace is a dedicated area in SAP BW, where a specific department can upload local data and even combine it with central data. One of the prerequisites for the usage of BW Workspaces is a recent accelerated version of SAP BW (BW Accelerator or SAP HANA). In this blog, I would like to share with you my experience in creating a BW Workspace, uploading a Dataset from Excel and create a Design Studio application on top of the BW Workspace.
If you would like to learn more about BW Workspaces, I recommend you to watch following SAP TechEd session: 

Here’s our overall plan:
  1. Create and Configure a BW Workspace in transaction RSWSP
  2. Upload a dataset using Analysis for Office
  3. Create a Design Studio Application on top of the BW Workspace

1. Create a BW Workspace in transaction RSWSP

First step is to go to transaction RSWSP and enter a name for the Workspace:
Afterwards click “Create”.
In the next screen, you can configure the Workspace and among other, set a Workspace prefix and adjust memory limits for the Workspace:

2. Upload a dataset using Analysis for Office

Start the excel version of Analysis for Office and connect to your BW System. I am connecting through the BI Platform but you can also connect in local mode. Enter your desired dataset, you are free to enter any column title and value you can think of, I am typing in following table:
After entering the values in a tabular format, make sure to select all its cells (e.g. hitting control+A) and hit “Create” on the Data Source menu group:
In the next screen you can configure the new data source:
After hitting Next the data in the table will be uploaded to a so called local provider. Don’t get confused with this name, it means only that it has been uploaded from an Excel range (Or CSV), the data is saved on the analytical index and can be consumed by any user. In a second step you could merge the data in this local provider with data existing in your SAP BW system, thus creating a Composite Provider.
In the next screen you can select “Do not insert”, as we do not want to insert the newly created data source in Analysis:

3. Create a Design Studio Application on top of the BW Workspace

Now you can go ahead and start Design Studio and log either locally or through a BI Platform. Add a new data source and search for your BW Workspace:
Notice that BW Workspaces start with an at sign” @” followed by the Workspace prefix. Hit “OK” on this screen.
Edit the initial view of the BW Workspace and select the desired objects:
And finally, create a nice multidimensional application on top of the excel table that we uploaded to the BW Workspace:
And then of course we can share the application through a mobile device:
I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about using BW Workspaces in Design Studio.

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      Author's profile photo Murali Balreddy
      Murali Balreddy

      Hi Victor,

      Thanks for sharing.

      Does the data get uploaded as soon as you create your datasource? Also is the data stored locally in a file or on the BWA/HANA memory?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Murali,


      yes, the data gets uploaded as soon as you upload the dataset. There is also a "Reload" button that allows you to upload the dataset again. The data is stored on the HANA/BWA Index, so every user on your BI platfrom can retrieve that data.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Mohamed Abdel Hadi
      Mohamed Abdel Hadi

      Hi Victor,

      wow you are doing great Blogs. Thanks a lot for your great work!

      BW Workspaces and Design Studio is a very good example how SAP is doing agility for Business User and flexible Dashboarding with Design Studio.