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What’s new on SAP Lumira Cloud? Multi-Measure Support and Metadata Search!

SAP Lumira Cloud was just updated and I like to take the opportunity to highlight a few of the new features that are now available to you.

With the update we are introducing multi-measure support to SAP Lumira Cloud. The new feature allow you to combine multiple measures together in one chart, giving you the opportunity to easily compare these measures and draw a direct conclusion from them.

The measure group is displayed at the top of all measures and by default all measures are contained in the measure group.

1. meassure group.png

Click > beside the measure group in order to modify which measure are included in your measure group. Simply select the measures that you like to group together, you will notice that the selected measure will be highlighted and the counter will indicate of how many measure were selected.

2. meassure group.png

Once the measure group is set up you can use it for your analysis the same way you use other measures. In my example I like to analyze the latest marketing campaign. In particular I am interested in comparing the positive versus the negative mentions based on the customer interactions for the
different states. Hence I added the number of interactions, positive mentions and negative mentions to my measure group. In the analyze tab I added the measure group to the Y-Axis, Values as well as Color and I added the States to the X-Axis.  Now I am presented with a visualization that has a split Y-Axis showing me all 3 measures each in a one chart.

3. meassure group.png

You can also show all measures in one Axis by switching to the shares access mode. It is recommended to have measures with similar units and scale to ensure that the lines are still meaningful.

4. meassure group.png

Back to my example, I can now see one visualization, which shows clearly in which state my marketing campaign was successful. For example I can see that in California most of my customer interactions resulted in negative feedback, whereas in Nevada most of the interactions provided positive feedback.

5. meassure group.png

In addition to the measure groups we have also improved the document listing page. It got a slightly new look and feel, but most importantly we added the ability to search for your datasets and visualizations. To search open the magnifying glass on the right hand side.

1 search.png

Just enter your search criteria. The search will apply to both name and description.

2 search.png

The last but not least, if you ever wondered how to change your password. We have added a link to your Global SAP ID Services Profile from which you can change your password and other profile options. This is available via the Setting menu.

1. password.png

I hope you like the new additions to SAP Lumira Cloud. Let us know what you think.

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      Author's profile photo Tomer Steinberg
      Tomer Steinberg


      The ability to search and discover the data seems like a needed feature.

      Also, what's nice about lumira desktop is the fact that you can navigate through the views, without hitting the back button - so it basically explains an exploration story.

      Also - the ability to comment on data is inportant.