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SAP Solution Manager 7.1 offers several features including the document management based upon inbuilt knowledge warehouse.

Typically we create a project or solution with structure and therefore store all the documents corresponding to business processe mapped to this project or solution.

Slowly there is huge growth of each document versions in the database because solution manager maintains versions of all the documents stored centrally for a project.

for e.g. see the below screenshot for document attributes for a single document stored under Project Documentation tab in solar01/02

As we can notice here that Solution Manager maintains complete track of all the changes, we have done for a single document stored like Status change, keywords, other attributes.

To archive/delete the older version of documents we can use below reports.

First Report is SOLMAN_DOCU_VERSION_ARCHIVE which helps us to do the archiving to a different location. The document header data and attributes are kept in Solution Manager but entire content of older version will be archived.

Press execute button, provide project name and other parameters as per requirements. for e.g. I have provided document status as RELEASED which means all the documents with this status but of any documentation type will be archived.

Now if you want to test it just click on the Test Run, press execute button

We can notice here that 8 version of this document will be archived. Imagine if we have huge library yes it will save lot of space.

Execute as per requirement by removing the ticket form the Test Run on the previous screen. The older versions will be archived for all the documents

Again this is just a standard report and incase it is not meeting our requirement we can enhance it as per customer requirements.

We will see the next report in part 2.

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  1. Ajay Hoskote Somashekar

    Hello Prakhar,

    Thanks for the article, i would also like to know about archiving of the project. Can you please provide any lead here.

    We may need to archive the project as the project go-live is done and we need to archive the project to reduce the space consumption.



      1. Ajay Hoskote Somashekar

        Hello Prakhar,

        I already had a look into this link, moving project along with documents is carried out mainly for support activity like monitoring etc.

        I am looking more from the angle of archiving the entire project post go-live as we are using Template project concept.

        Please suggest if you have information on arching the entire project.



  2. Former Member


    Where is the document going? i mean, via archiving it either needs to be put in file system or in external storage.

    Also can the archived document accessed ? If yes, in original transactions?





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