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RDA –Real Time Data Extraction from Standard Datasource

This document describes step by step procedure to create a RDA-Extraction to BW system from a standard datasource.

Source system : SAP System-Standard Datasource

STEP 1 :

Check whether standard datasource is Real time enabled in the source system.In Table “ROOSOURCE”,Check the field “REALTIME”.If it is marked ‘X’,Standard datasource can be used as such for RDA extraction.If it is not enabled,a custom Abap Code is required to enable the same.

STEP 2 :

Replicate MetaData in under respective Application Component and activate the DataSource.

As in the below screenshot,Datasource after activation should have the specifications,

Direct Access : Allowed

Real time :  Real-Time Data Acquisition Supported


STEP 3 :

Create a normal Info package to initialize the load, which will have the following settings,


STEP 4 :

Create a real time enabled Infoapackage with the following settings by enabling Realtime check box.


Threshold limit for each request to be open is set in the processing tab. As in the above screen shot, If the limit is assigned as 1DAY ,new request will be created on completion of a 24HRS- 1 DAY.

STEP 5 :

Create Transformation to the specific DSO to which the real time data needs to be loaded.

Create a Standard DTP to process the Initial Request.

Using the normal IP,Initialize Delta.Once the data is loaded till PSA,Execute DTP and Activate the data in DSO.Now the Initial Data is available in DSO.

Note : Daemon of RDA will get activated and started only if there is a initial request in DSO prior to RDA request.

Change the DTP to Realtime DTP using “Change to Real-Time DTP” button./wp-content/uploads/2013/08/4_255626.png


In RSRDA, create Daemon with period Setting.Here Period is set to 1 Minute.


Once created,Right click Daemon and Assign DTP.Select the Real time DTP along with it Real Time Infopackage which was created earlier will get selected.

Infopackage and DTP can be assigned to Daemon from settings itself as below,this will take us to RSRDA where DAEMON list will be available for assigning.



Infopackage :


Once assigned, Daemon will have the Datasource and its IP and DTP.Right click and Start Daemon.Once started,IP will get a yellow request status.As soon as there is a change/new  record in source system,IP fetches it and DTP loads it to Respective DSO.New records fetched will be visible along with IP and DTP  status as in below screen shot.


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      Author's profile photo Shlomi Weiss
      Shlomi Weiss


      Have you tried changing the “REALTIME” flag for co-pa data sources?

      You need access key for the table and I don't think that it is recommanded