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MRP: Frequently Asked Questions


Do you know why transactions MD04 and MD05 can display different exception messages?

Do you know why sometimes MRP does not plan a material?

Do you know why MRP does not consider the storage location for a subcontracting requirement?

Do you know if it possible that the MRP creates a separate procurement proposal for every requirement?

You can find the answer to this and to may other questions frequently asked to SAP on the MRP FAQ notes.

These notes are constantly reviewed and updated with new information.

Here you can find a list of these notes:

550568      FAQ: MRP run (MD01, MD02, MD03, MDBT,…)

553746      FAQ: Planning file entries in material requirements planning

550844      FAQ: MRP areas

568593      FAQ: Parallel planning run (MD01, MDBT and so on)

550014      FAQ: Source determinatn in the material requiremnts planning

549752      FAQ: MRP elements in transaction MD04/MD05

550441      FAQ: Exception messages in material requirements planning

550302      FAQ: Rescheduling check

550219      FAQ: Subcontracting in the material requirements planning

550038      FAQ: Order report / order tree

549193      FAQ: Error messages in the material requirements planning

855775      FAQ :MD43 and Planning mode

2012620    MRP: Problems with BAdIs

1992885    MD04: Problems with sales orders and deliveries

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  • Hello caetano,


    Its nice reference to all MRP related queries.I also have almost same list for ready reference and it proved helpful many times. warm regards for your sharing spirit.


    Best Regards,

    • Thanks for your feebadk Dee Joy.

      I have shared this list because I see many users opening threads with questions that can be found on these notes.

      I hope that it can be useful for them!

      • Thanks Caetano. This will be useful. It’s always nice to have a quick reference to the FAQ notes. They have a lot of great information but are not always easy to find, especially if you don’t know exactly what you are looking for.

  • Hi Caetano,

    This is very useful and helpful. Generally I maintain a master sheet of useful notes for my ready reference. With time they can easily be remembered and used when situations arise. Today I was searching in SAP support portal and found out few useful composite notes on ATP checks. This kind of documentation is always helpful because it directly provides some useful key points.

    A big thank you and cheers!


    All the best,


  • Very useful and a handy ‘go-to’ reference Caetano.


    Wish that such quick reference docs have a ‘Pinned-Post’ option in SCN like it is in some sites. As many posts come in these get buried over and new comers to the forum may not find this easily. And things will be back to square one with people asking the same question.

    Presume from your ways of working and the way you hit us with the useful notes you should be from the SAP Active Global Support team.