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Steps and Prerequisites for Creating ITS application


Hello Everyone,

This is the document which gives you about the information on how to create an ITS application. Below are the information and the research work done by me. Hope this document helps everyone.


1.          Check if you have activated:

with transaction SICF and locate the services by path



2.          With Transaction SE80 locate from the menu, Utilities  Settings  Internet Transaction Server (Tab)–>Publish (Tab) and set “On Selected


This restricts the publication in the next step to the integrated (internal) ITS.

3.          In SE80 only, Locate the Internet Services: SYSTEM and WEBGUI.

Publish these services with the Context Menu – Publish  Complete Service.


  • Create a module pool program.
  • Create an Internet Service using the transaction code SE80.
    •     Go to SE80 and choose the internet service from the drop down list.
    •      Enter the name for the internet service and press enter
    •      Enter the transaction code for which the ITS application has to be created.
  • Right click on the created internet service and create html template which will generate the html code for the required screen.

           The generated HTML code will look like as it appears in the below screenshot.


  • Right click on the internet service and create MIME objects.

i.          For example, (background/snowflakes. jpeg) which will help in displaying the background images, sounds, videos etc… If required.

  • After uploading the images through MIME , Manually enter the following code in the HTML editor. Refer to the below image.

          <body `SAP_BodyAttributes()` onload=”`SAP_OnloadJavaScript()`”>

    <BODY BACKGROUND=”`mimeURL(~service=”ZTASK1_ITS”, ~language=””, ~name=”background/snowflakes.jpeg”)`”

          onLoad=”document.form2.elements[0].focus(); document.form2.elements[0].select()”>


<DIV STYLE=”position: absolute; top: 55; left: 1100; width: 170″>

  <IMG SRC=”`mimeURL(~service=”ztask1_ITS”, ~language=””, ~name=”background/home_sap.gif”)`” WIDTH=167 HEIGHT=95 ALIGN=bottom>




  • After generating the html templates and the mime objects right click the created internet service to publish it.

Internet Service –> Publish –> Complete Service.

  • Now we are done with the design part. Follow the below steps for its execution.
  • Go to transaction SICF to create the service parameters.
    • Hierarchy type – Service
    • Virtual host – Default Host
    • And execute
  • Choose the path default host–> sap–>bc–>gui–>sap–>ITS
    • Right click on ITS and create new sub element.
    • Enter name of the service parameter and make sure that the service parameter name is same as the internet service name.


  • In the interactive options box , Select ‘YES’ from the drop-down in the GUI link and click GUI Configuration.
  • Enter name of the TRANSACTION and the THEME.


  • Select Handler list and enter the handler name ‘CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS’.
  • Then go back and right click the created service and activate it.
  • Go to SE93 and enter the transaction code.
  • Then select ‘Easy web transaction’ and enter the Internet Service Name and save it.
  • In SE80, Go to the created internet service and press F8 to display the output.

The Final Output is,


Thanks & Regards,

Santhosh A

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