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This is my personal experience after debugging the standard code which was created after generating a generic data source.

I have debugged and got to know that filters won’t work for Initialization If the same field is used for generic delta and as well as in filter because of the SAP standard generated program.

In our data source the generic delta is on ERDAT field and  also ERDAT is used as a field for filter/selection’s.

Following example describes how the standard program is generated and how it will run for initialization pick and delta load pick.

Eg-{If Init load runs today(Lets say today:12/06/2013) it will create an entry [___ to 12/06/2013] in the selection conditions which picks data till today because of the SAP standard generated program irrespective of filters in Info package.

Hence Init load Picked up around 11250096 records irrespective of filter condition’s (ERDAT:01/01/2012 to 31/12/2050) again delta load picked up 7617633 records.

Which indicates filter should not be kept on the field which is used for generic delta.

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