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Verify BO Server is talking to Email Sever via command prompt

This is document explains how to troubleshoot the issue if BO server is not sending the emails when we configure the job server to send the email sent to

mail -addresses if enable notification is on while scheduling the reports.

Below steps will ensure there is a connectivity between BO Server and SMTP Server via command Prompt.

First send an email through the command line to verify connectivity from the Enterprise server. 

Below steps should be done from the BusinessObjects Server (if distributed environment, should be done from server where the Job Server is located).

  1. Open the cmd prompt:
    Start -> Run or press win key + R, then type cmd >> OK
  2. Type telnet 25

    where “” is the name of the smtp (outgoing) server of your email provider, such as This can be found by checking your account info in the program you normally use for email

  3. Type HELO
  4. Type MAIL
  5. You may get a message saying “250 ok”
  6. Type RCPT etc.
  7. Again, you may get a message saying “250 ok”
  8. To write the message, type DATA and press Enter.
    1. On the first line type SUBJECT:yoursubject and press Enter twice.
    2. Continue typing your message.
    3. Put a single period (.) on a line by itself and press Enter to send your message.
      The server should say ‘Message accepted for delivery’. (Or it says 250 OK id=`a long id`)
  9. Type QUIT to exit Telnet.


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