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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding SAP Certification & Career Opportunities

SAP Training & Education forum on SCN is a great platform to raise your questions relating to SAP Education / Certification / Training / Career opportunities etc. However, over a period of time, there are many questions coming up repeatedly. In order to maintain the quality of the forum, I thought, it would be a good idea to put all frequently asked questions relating to SAP Certification and Career Opportunities at one place. Hopefully, this would be useful for the community.

SAP Certification

Question Guidelines to think
1. Whether SAP Certification gives me a guaranteed job? SAP Certification is NOT a job guarantee program. SAP Certification is only to certify you in a particular area that you have reasonable amount of knowledge at that point of time. This would help the employers to believe SAP, being a third party, while recruiting the consultants on the board. SAP Certification is one of the ingredient in the recruitment process, hence, it is in the hands of the consultants to keep the right expectation regarding the SAP Certification.
2. Whether to train from recognised / non-recognised Institutes? SAP Curriculum offers standard, structured and systematic approach to learning. SAP Education is offered by SAP / Educational Partners. At the same time, there are thousands of Institutes offering, which could be illegal and the quality may not be guaranteed. If you are particularly looking for Certification, nobody other than SAP can issue the Certification. Therefore, any certificate by non-recognised institutes is illegal. Whatever the kind of institutes, it is largely depends on the core strength and knowledge of the Trainer.
3. How can I appear SAP Certification in other countries? Every country has its own evaluation process. Some countries like India, they have their own stringent rules in evaluating the rules. Therefore, some are opting to write the Certifications in other countries. If you want to write certification in other countries, you need to contact that country’s local SAP Education team, they will evaluate case to case basis and advise you whether you are eligible to write the Certification. Visa processing etc. all are on your own risk. SAP is not involved with your visa processing.
4. Is Certification a mandatory thing to get a job? Certification is not a mandatory thing get a job in SAP field. There are many good consultants without SAP Certification. There are also many good consultants failed to pass the SAP Certification. At the same time, all the certified consultants are not good consultants. You will find some very few certified and good consultants. Certification is always good to have and in some situations, the employers may tend to go for Certified consultant when they receive equal type CVs.
5. Am I eligible to write SAP Certification & what is the exam fee? Every country has their own evaluation process. Mostly countries like USA, UK etc. no much evaluation, just pay the fee and write the exam. However, India or some of the APAC region countries have their own evaluation process. You need to pass all their rules in order to eligible to write the examination. This would be on a case to case basis. Therefore, in general, it is not possible to ascertain by anybody whether you are eligible or not. You need to contact your local SAP Education team to find your eligibility and fee details.
6. What if I want to write certification at Pearson VUE? Certification exam at SAP and Pearson VUE is exactly the same. If you are writing exam at SAP / Education Partner’s site, then the S User ID is created by them. If you are booking at Pearson VUE, then you need to ask yourcompany’s basis team or SAP Education team to help you. If the S ID is created by your company, then they may delete when you are moving the company. Recently written exam at Pearson VUE, the exam is under CCTV and you cannot keep anything with you other than your dress. They would also take your photograph along with identification process. However, this is not the practice at SAP / Education Partner, they would identify you using your passport / driving license.
7. I am SAP Certified, but getting no job opportunities? You cannot blame SAP Certification for everything in the world. SAP Certification is not a medicine for all the diseases. You need to look for the grey areas to be improved upon. SAP Certification is only complimentary to your skills. However, employers do look for your education, domain knowledge, communication skills, business acumen, hands on experience, cultural fit and attitude etc. Therefore, please keep right expectations regarding SAP Certification.
8. I am Certified, shall I go and do more SAP Certifications? Nothing inspires you like success, nothing experience you like failure. When you are certified and the people around you are congratulating, it is always a morale booster. Some people tend to go and do more certification out of their own personal interest. Whether all those certifications will give a real benefit or not is a different matter altogether. It is your personal choice whether to go for more certifications or not.
9. Should I opt for Class Room or e-learning training? Class room training and e-learning, they have their own pros and cons. Class room training is more expensive, however, highly effective. Whereas, e-learning is cost effective, however, you may tend to become lethargic. You need to consider the right choice considering your financial position, availability and the way you want to learn.
10. Why I have not received my Certification yet? Usually SAP Certification is delivered to 4 – 8 weeks. Fortunately, I never had a sad stories in this area. If you have written proper address along with your post code etc. usually you should receive it in time. In case if you do not receive by 8 weeks, please contact your local SAP Education Team.
11. How will I get my S User IDs / Passwords? SAP normally send you your S User ID and password by post, once you are successful in your SAP Certification examination. If you do not receive it, then you may please contact your local SAP Education team, they should be able to help you out. S user ID is nothing but the Certification Number on your Certificate, preceded by S.
12. Are there any grace marks in SAP Certification examinations? There are no grace marks in SAP Certification. There are many consultants who failed just by short of 1%. There are only two things, either pass or fail. If you pass, enjoy and get the certificate. If you are fail, still you are interested, then go and re-book the examination.
13. How will I get SAP Certification materials? Please note SAP Certification materials are copy righted materials and I am afraid, they cannot be distributed freely, any such distribution is illegal and may liable for legal action. Unfortunately, many unauthorised people are selling them and keeping them on the internet, please be aware with such individuals.
14. How will I get SAP Certification exam questions? When you are writing SAP Certification, you are going to sign a non-disclosure agreement that you would not disclose SAP questions outside. My best suggestion is frame your own questions from the curriculum books. There are some yahoo groups put some sample questions. Please note Certification questions are far different from these sample questions. Furthermore, we cannot discuss the answers to the questions on the SCN forums.
15. Will I get a Logo, if I pass the SAP Certification? You can email SAP Education team, they should be happy to provide you with the relevant SAP Certification Logo. You can use them on your CV.
16. Whether hands-on experience is necessary to pass SAP Certification? It is always good to have hands on experience; however, it is really not necessary in order to pass the Certification. In order to pass the certification, you should have good clarity on the concepts. Particularly, in technical examination, you would expect to have hands on knowledge, as the questions may be around field length etc.
17. What is the validity of the SAP Certification? There is no validity period as such for SAP Certification. However, being the technology changing very fast and there are new SAP versions are coming up. It is always good to have the latest certification, if you are interested. It may not be really impressive, if you are you are certified in 4.0 versions, when the market is going with SAP ECC 6.0 Ehp 6.
18. Whether SAP Certification is a replacement for project experience? Nothing replaces your SAP Project Experience; you would learn many things hand in hand. Each project is distinct in one way or the other, there are number of issues will give you real challenges always. When you explore many things, you should be able to learn the things effectively. Therefore, Certification is not a replacement for your project experience. Without your project experience, Certification is a salt less curry.
19. What kind of placement assistance provided by SAP / Educational Partners? If you are trained at SAP / Educational partners, they MAY help you with the placement assistance. Please do not confuse this with job guarantee. There is nothing like job guarantee. They would forward your CV to prospective employers / recruiters and arrange some interviews. At the end of the day, it is your ability that fetch you job.
20. When to appear for Certification exam after completed the training? If you are on class room training, it is always expected to appear the exam at the end of the academy or maximum after a week of the course. Because, the content will be still fresh in your mind. The more you give gap, the more chance to forget the concepts. If you are on e-learning, it is up to you to decide when to go for certification. However, it is advised not to give too much time for Certification.

SAP Career Opportunities

Question Guidelines to think
1. What is the best SAP Module to be selected? This is not something that the other people would decide. This is always the course which you intend to spend your life time on the module. You need to understand your core strengths, your domain knowledge, your programming or technical skills if any. If you listen others words and choose the module, then probably, you would not be able to justify it.
2. I am late 30s or early 40s. Is SAP a right career for me? Age may not be a constraint as long as you have right conviction and attitude to learn. But at the same you also need to consider the other constraints like your current salary. If you coming to simple reason of money, then it is not worth trying into SAP. Learn passionately, then the growth and opportunities follows.
3. I am a Project Manager in other Technologies, can I become SAP Consultant? Being a Project Manager in other technologies, you must be already at high paying salary. Whereas, when it comes to SAP Consultant roles, you must be a junior / consultant. The salary might not be that good. Alternatively, you can try with few modules of SAP and jump towards SAP Project / Programme Management.
4. Is it good move for me to shift from Java to ABAP? There are number of people asked this question, is it good to shift from Java to ABAP. It is very easy for people to learn ABAP, when they are good in Java. Furthermore, number of SAP Netweaver Technologies run on Java and ABAP technologies. Therefore, it is always advised to learn ABAP alongside your Java.
5. What is the best suggestion to learn more SAP modules? Being a functional consultant, it is always tend to learn the other modules, however, your core strength will be in one module. To get a mastery in a module takes few years, therefore, you need to carefully plan whether learning a new module would really help you in your long term career. Otherwise, there is no point in spending time learning a new module.
6. Whether faking my CV would help me? Sorry guys, I still strongly reiterate more than 90% of the CVs in the market are either fake or exaggerated. Many CVs speak volumes, however, the knowledge levels of the consultants are very poor. People may not accept my 90% figures, still I stick to it. There are number of people in my life asked this question, I would only tell them, do NOT fake your CVs, it would hunt you forever. I also personally against creating multiple CVs, you cannot have different CVs for different Job. Belive in single CV concept.
7. I am on a long career break, how to handle this? This is always a difficult and challenging situation, as you are on the long career break due to birth to child, long hospitalisation or sabbatical leave etc.. The morale is low as there are already new people and technologies in the market. It may be difficult, but definitely not impossible. Refresh the subjects, try to learn new technologies in your field and start attending the interview, not much worry about the results, you should be surely there.
8. How much money would I get? Money is the last thing that you should think in SAP. I know people talk a lot about money and salaries. If you think Money as a priority in SAP, then you would not learn anything out of it. SAP should give you enough passion to lead your life. I am privileged to meet and work with very few consultants who work tirelessly with lot of passion on SAP Technologies.
9. Should I go for Permanent or Contracting roles? If you are in India, 99% of the people would go for permanent job. The1% left out opt is the people who do not get best jobs, opt for contracting. Whereas, it is the other way around in Western Countries. Contractors demand good rates, because of their skills, ability and knowledge. Whereas, permanent people may get less salary, however, it has security. When it comes to Contracting, it has good returns, but at the same time high risk.
10. What are the new technologies that I can go for? SAP is changing very fast. SAP is no longer like 15 years back, where only concentrated on OLTP systems. Now, they are doing amazing things in OLAP systems. Sky is the only limit in this area. HANA, BOBJ, BPC, Mobile Technologies etc. are many hottest skills in the module. But, please note directly jumping into these areas is not that easy, it is good to have ECC / BI / ABAP etc. experience.
11. I am a Support Consultant? How would I get Implementation experience? Particularly if you are in offshore, you hardly see any type of implementation exposure. Even in onshore locations also the implementation projects are dried up. Some of the upgrade / business re-engineering projects are going on. You should always patiently wait to grab the implementation projects. Irrespective of the project type, always concentrate on learning new things on a daily basis.
12. Completed few E2E Projects, still many grey areas? E2E Project would help you to understand the overall life cycle of the Project. However, it does not mean that you are going to master in all activities. SAP Program works at a high level and it may be required you need to be part of number of implementation projects. It is also largely depends on how complex projects that you have worked. Always E2E is an opportunity and try to grab as much as you can.
13. Should I go for position or role? Being a contract consultant, you are always interested in role rather than a position. Whereas permanent employee is always interested in position, rather than a role. The more challenging roles that you do, the more competitive you would become. I personally do not much believe in position, as it is not a permanent thing in life.
14. What is the best way to change the company? It is purely depends on person and your loyalty. Money may not be always important, as long as company works the same hard for your personal development as well. If the company is not working for your growth, then automatically, any individual start looking for other opportunities. Before changing any company need to decide what is motivated to change the company – Money / facilities / training / growth / recognition etc.
15. How to get the overseas SAP Job opportunities? Every country has its own requirements, some countries welcome the best talent in the world, and some countries are having very restrict market. You need to first decide whether to go overseas and working in more challenging work environment. First need to decidewhich country you intend to go and know the immigration rules affect your employment. Then find the sponsors / companies that could help you in achieving your career dreams.
16. Tried hard for SAP Job? Is it time to give up? Many people have asked me that they have tried very hard to get the SAP Job, still not successful. No defeat is final until you give up. You may not be aware that you are about to get a break, but, unfortunately, you might have left the ground. Therefore, once you have committed, never stop trying, whatever be the odds. Keep trying and pushing yourself always.
17. Can I become techno-functional consultant? People always dream to become techno-functional consultants. However, it is very hard to find a good techno functional consultant. Technical people always scare about functional terminologies and functional people always scare about the programming skills. If you strongly believe you can spend time in mastering both the areas, it is always advisable to have the techno-functional skills.
18. No trainings provided by my company, what to do? Unfortunately, you may have work in your life with companies, who never intend to personally develop their resources. But, that does not mean that you should not develop your skills. You should always keep some income out of your salary and keep it aside. Learn the new areas / skills with that money. If you do not learn new things, then you would be last in the queue.
19. How can I move from Consultant to a Project Manager? Usually consultant after certain years of experience tend towards project management. Many people may go into project management, because they may get good salaries. This is the general tendency in India. Whereas in western countries, most people do the same roles, however, they become masters in their own area and command with authority. If you have any plans, then you can think of doing PMP or Prince2 to achieve your dream.
20. How to manage life when I am on the Bench? Life on the bench is always a difficult time. Considering the negative economic scenario in the world, bench is always considered to be a terrifying thing. There is no need to worry much regarding the things which are not in our control. However, during this time, you may make yourself more productive by learning new things, reading SAP Help / making SCN Contributions / visiting Service Market Place. These things would surely help when you get a real project.

Please note the above views are purely my personal opinion, they in noway related to SAP. The above points / answers are written considering the most optimistic view. They cannot be generalised, sometimes, you may need to consider the exact situation. You would be most welcome if you have any better suggestions / additions to this blog.

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  • Hello Ravi,

    Question for you…

    I’m thinking getting into SAP and because of my degree in Accounting, FICO would be my ideal option but since FICO it’s been around for yrs I heard it’s very difficult to get in the market with no experience. Would you consider HANA to be the way to go since it’s in a maturing stage still?

    Also, How releveant do you think SAP is in California, USA. That’s where I live.

    It seems SAP is not so much in demand in this area for some reason. What can you say about that?

    Great blog! Very helpful info

    Thanks for you time


    • Hi Luciano,

      There is always scope for good consultants in whatever field you choose.

      Directly going to HANA would be too technical for freshers, unless you have strong knowledge about database concepts / fundamentals. Getting to FICO as a fresher is difficult, but not impossible.

      I cannot believe but there is not much demand for SAP in California, which is the strongest base for SAP / IT software firms. There must be thousands of companies using SAP. I am sure you will find a decent break if you really put your honest commitment on SAP. You would always find a demand for FICO consultants in the market.

      Best Regards,


      • I have done SAP ABAP certification and also got 6 months experience in ABAP domain. Now i have 2 years experience in SAP PO support project. So what will be advisable to do next for the career growth. Is any other SAP certification is advisable to do ? Or travel in PO domain?

        Thank you,

        Agathish R

  • Hello Ravi,

    This is such a useful information compiled and after reading this I feel being encouraged to write the exam in near future.

    Once more thanks for sharing!!!


    Tariq Ashraf

  • Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for your very optimistic and motivating articles.

    I am a 11+ years experienced PeopleSoft Techno-Functional consultant working in the Middle East. Apart from the technical work I have experience in HCM and Campus Solution Functionality in PeopleSoft. Unfortunately Oracle dosent seem to be interested in selling PeopleSoft products any more in the Middle East. My company also has decided to move on to other products. Hence I am now planning a move to SAP.

    As a first step I have taken SAP ABAP online course from a non-SAP certified institute.

    The technical concepts were very similar to PeopleSoft Technical concepts and that was a good morale booster for me.

    I am also planning to take up SAP HCM training in a similar fashion in the near future as I am more comfortable with HR functionality.

    Since I do not have hands-on project experience in SAP I am planning to take up both SAP ABAP and SAP HCM certifications.

    I would like to know what are the job trends in SAP in the middle east. As in are ABAP jobs easily available? what functionality is mostly implemented here in the middle east.

    I would like to know if the steps taken by me are in the right direction or do i need to realign my focus.

    Since I would like to search for jobs in the middle east my other concern is if I get a job offer would i be getting an offer that is less than what I make right now since I do not have work experience?

    Further more 5 to 7 years down the line I would like to take up more of a functional or a managerial role (with certifications like PMP or Prince2).

    Awaiting a positive reply.



    • Hi Ibrahim,

      You are the right person to know the job trends in Middle East. I have no much idea about the technologies that implemented in Middle East.

      With reference to your question, probably, ABAP and HCM much suits your past experience. You would hardly find consultants with techno functional skills. Therefore SAP ABAP + HCM would be a right choice for you.

      It is up to you if you want shift towards managerial, then you can look for PMP / Prince2 after 5 to 6 years, I hope it would be a good move.

      Best Regards,


      • Thanks Ravi for the encouraging reply.

        Since im pretty new to the SAP community…is there any place on the SAP website which will let me know who are the customers in the middle eastern region and what modules they have implemented.

        This info would help me short list companies for me to apply for.

        Thanks again for your time.



        • Hi Ibrahim,

          I do not think you would get this information anywhere. It is confidential to their businesses, I am afraid, you would not find such details anywhere on the web.

          Hope this helps.



  • Hi,

    I want  to establish my career in SAP Domain and I am planning to join SAP course, which module has more opportunities in future. I have lot of confuse that for which Module I need to join. Between MM,PP and ABAP Modules  which one has lot of opportunities and one more thing I don’t know about  Java or sql.

    I have 1 year of work experience in MM Module but it is user end.

    My Qualification is  B.E (ECE) and I am working.

    And doing SAP course through  E-academy is good or class room course.

    Please reply it is of my career which I need to decide so plzz help me.

    reply to this email id <<Moderator: Email Address removed>>

    • Module is not something decided by others.

      Please have a good look at the certification / career space, you will find answer to your questions.

      Please read “rule of engagement” using SMS language is prohibited as per the forum rules.

  • Hi ravi,

    I”m mahesh done bachelors in Computer science and currently doing Masters in Information System Management in Austria. I have learnt SAP MM, SD, Customization  and FICO  modules. Unable to decide which module I should concerte on as per my background. Did we need to have finance and sales background if i want to enter SD module.

    Currently planning to do SAP TERP 10 Certification, will this SAP TERP 10 certification would be helpful for me in future if I want to find job on SAP MM or SAP SD? or should I need to do other certification related to MM or SD?

    Could you suggest me or provide me information which module would be suitable for me as per my profile and so that it could be helpful for me to plan well.



    • Hi Mahesh,

      TERP10 is very basic level of certification. Probably, it may not be able to help to become full fledged FICO/ MM / SD Consultant.

      If you are from Information Systems background, then consider looking for Business Intelligence (BI), Business Objects (BOBJ) and HANA (HANA may be in future)

      Hope this is helpful.

      Kind Regards,


      • Hi Ravi,

        thank alot for quick reply.

        From few months I’m really struggling to find proper information regarding which module to take up

        Its really much helpful for me.

        Then I need to start with learning with  Introduction to SAP BW then

        further SAP BW – Advanced Business Intelligence, SAP BO – SAP BusinessObjects and SAP HANA ?

        Which modules have opportunities in Europe as I’m planning to work in Europe.

        Best Regards,


        • Hi Mahesh,

          Every modules has its own market.

          BW is the basis for most of these modules. As the data base fundamentals are covered. Few people does direct BOBJ, but struggling with BI, as BOBJ is tightly connected with BI. HANA would be too grey area for you at the moment.

          Therefore, start with BI, after couple of years learn BOBJ, if you can grasp then try with HANA.

          Hope this helps you.

          Kind Regards,


          • thank you alot ravi.

            Sorry one last query

            Have you heard about the where University of Duisburg Essen along with SAP university alliances offering Certification Programs.

            Are this programs are advisable to do.


            With Regards,


          • Hi Mahesh,

            Not sure about these academies. Please note the fee would be enormous. You need to check the fee also check whether they are member of SAP Alliance Program (as they are claiming)

            Even if they are alliance partners with SAP, this training would not help you to attend the certification in India.

            You need to talk to SAP Education in your local area to get further clarity.

            Best Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    I am having 5 yr exp in SAP, worked in SAP ABAP, CRM technical and workflow.
    I want to do a certification in functional. So that easily i get a job in GULF country. I found that their are very rare job oppurnity in CRM or SD function.

    I am very confuse. Please suggest me the functional certification which help in making good carrier in Gulf also where i can utilize my past experience.

    Please help



  • hi Ravi,

    I have followed almost all your blogs and i feel you really are a selfless person.

    Despite being crowned with the highest badges here and so many times over last many years, you keep contributing and helping.

    Salute to you.

    I will frame a question to you to seek your guidance.


  • Hello Ravi sir,

    All your blogs helped me a lot in getting the insights of SAP certifications . I am a Mechanical engineer plus MBA in Operations management . I am currently working in an IT MNC as a SAP MM Consultant. As I have only 5 months of work exp. in SAP , I am still not aware of complete scope of MM module and discover new things every single day . Still one question constantly comes in my mind which is about growth in an organisation. I would like to know the growth of a SAP consultant in an organisation’s hierarchy . Please can you throw some light on this . Your valuable comments would be helpful and appreciated .

    Thanks and Regards,


    • Dear Deepak,

      I do not much bother about the hierarchy and growth. Just believe your own abilities, the growth would automatically come and your talents would be recognized. There may be some people who might be worried about the growth, in my opinion, that should be the case. You should try to give your best and learn whatever you can. At one point if would give you all you wanted in your life.

      Regarding the roles of a SAP Consultant:

      If you want to be on the consulting side:

      Junior Consultant –> Consultant –> Senior Consultant –> Solution Lead –> Solution Architect

      If you want to be on the managerial side, the path would be:

      Junior Consultant –> Consultant –> Junior Project Manager –> Project Manager –> Senior Project Manager –> Program Manager –> Program Director

      Hope this would be helpful.

      Kind Regards,



    Hi Ravi,

    I’m learning SAP HANA CLOUD online. I studied sap hana studio online. Downloaded all the necessary software and I’m learning practically as well.

    So, my question are:

    1) will i get a job on the basis of knowledge and online certification(

    2) should i go for certification paying huge amount and end up without a job as a freshers or should i get some experience, then go for certification?



    • Hi Nitin,

      Please set your expectations right on SAP Certification. No Certification would give you compulsory job, unless, you have something that employers are looking in you.

      Certification would help you to market yourself in a better way. Employers may look at your Certification particularly if you are a fresher. But, if you fail to get a job, you should not blame Certification, rather should correct the gaps.

      Please spend your money cautiously. Learn whatever you can on, then try for job with the knowledge you have. Get the job and learn more practical things on your job. Still, if you are interested then go for SAP Certification.

      Hope this helps you.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for the amazing post. It is the best set of FAQs I have come accross regarding SAP certification. Most of my doubts have been thoroughly cleared. 🙂 .

    Still, I have a couple of doubts and wish you would be able to guide me through them.

    I have recently moved to Australia (permanently) and would like to appear for the associate FI certification test. I would like to know if the training is mandatory or can I just pay the exam fee and sit for the certification directly.

    Your valuable advice is appreciated.



  • Hello Sir,

       I am working on non-sap ERP in one of the construction company as a Lead Implementer and IT Manager. I have completed my BE-IT and have 7 years of work experience in IT Management and ERP implementation. Recently I took training of SAP BI 7.0 from an individual professional. I want to switch my career in SAP. Kindly guide me how I can move ahead in SAP.

    Thank You.

    Vikas Vibhute

  • Hello Sir,

    Myself an electronics engineer having 3 years of experience in site engineering & project management. I would like to pursue a career as a SAP professional as SAP is implemented in many of our projects & I am bit less aware of its know-how. Can you please tell me which module certification would be suitable so that i can enhance my career?

    Awaiting for your favorable reply.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Chetan,

      If SAP is implemented in your sites / projects, you must be a using being part of their engineering and project team, you must be using the system as an end user. If you are in projects, you should be using the Project Systems (PS) module or any other module like Plant Maintenance (PM) if you are in maintenance section.

      Module is not something somebody would suggest you.

      You need to look at your education /experience / business process knowledge / interest.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


      • Thank you for the response sir.

        Problem is I have a combined experience of maintenance, Planning and project that’s why i asked you regarding module. What exactly are the roles one does after pursuing certifications in PS/PM/MM/PP.  I am very much interested in pursuing this as i definitely believe this will enhance my career.

        Please guide.

        • Hi Chetan,

          May be the following blog would helpful to you.

          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by SAP Consultants

          Primarily, you will have Implementation and Support Roles. However, they differed based on the Project to Project. You do not need to worry about the roles at the moment. If you would like to break into SAP, you should have a clear cut plan down the line say 6 months to 1 year. You always need to check yourself where you are compared to your plan.

          All the best.

          Kind Regards,


  • Hello Mr.Ravi,

    Thank you very much for elaborating in such a detailed manner. Really very helpful for the beginners like me.



  • Dear Ravi,

    I am in a dilemma in choosing the SAP module which is good for me.

    Telling about me, I am a Post Graduate in Management (MBA). My specializations were IT (Major) and Marketing (Minor). Now I am working in an IT field. So can you kindly advice me which module is good for me?

    Thanks and Regards,

    Sam Anpin

    • Dear Anpin,

      Kindly browse through SCN there are very much detailed suggestions/opinions are given.

      But anyway, choice of selecting a module in SAP is purely depend upon your education qualification, and professional qualification adding to with your capacity and passion, of course the major factor. Since you are a MBA with IT back drop, may suggest you to take ABAP (if you have good command over programming language) or  any one of the functional modules like FICO ,SD,MM. Again choosing a module depends upon your strength you havn’t mentioned about your  basics & work qualification, so always try to analysis and understand first before jumping into SAP. Because SAp is like bow & arrow the far you pull and best you aim, perfect will be the target (career target).



      • Dear Venkatakrishnan,

        First of all, Thanks for your valuable reply. About my basic qualification, my graduation was in Arts. Along with my graduation, I completed my Software Engineering Course. Then I went for MBA. I hope this will help you in giving me suggestion which will help me in finding a solution.

        Thanks and Regards,


        • Hi,

          So, as per your qualification my opinion would be SAP ABAP (again it depends upon your level of interest & capability with programming language). Since you have some CS background this would be the good choice for you to enter the SAP world.



  • Thanks Ravi, for sharing valuable informations.

    I am looking for SAP – SPP  certification, but not able to find . This is a part of APO


    SRS Kannan

  • Hi Ravi sir,

    Hope you are fine.

    Since i am not able to afford the training institution fees, i have started learning SAP on my own. Can u just tell me whether there is any online platform where i can practice?

    Can you give details regarding it.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Ravi,

    I have a query. Since you are also FI/CO certified, I am sure you will be able to guide me.

    I am having 5 years of FICO experience with 2-3 E2E implementations for FICO, 1 for ABAP with some BW experience. Started-off with ABAP in 2004 and with time moved to functional area.

    Now I am looking for FI certification. I already have FICO curriculum from my senior colleagues (TFIN50 & TFIN52) since last 1 year, but never gone through it fully. Despite my experience, I feel I still have some grey areas which should be cleared before exam. Please note that I don’t have eligibility issue to sit for the exam.

    Since e-Academy is the cost-effective option, before finally paying the fee for e-learning course, just reconsidering do I really need to attend formal training for the sake of learning or just going through FI curriculum self-study (5 times before exam as you’ve clearly mentioned) is good enough.

    So basically, the question is what special does the e-learning course offer that makes it worth paying for and finish-off quickly. Since the e-learning course and the curriculum material; both are from SAP itself – just thinking how to proceed. Naturally, paying fee is never so easy in today’s economy.

    Kindly guide. Thank you.


    • Hi CG,

      Though you are technical person, if you have done 2 E2E implementations in FICO area, I wonder what else you would learn new things by going to any course in SAP FI. If I am in your position, read some available documentation / SAP help etc. and sit for the exam, rather than reinventing the whole wheel. To be honest, SAP FI is not a difficult exam either.

      If you have enough money to spend, then it is your choice, but, I would advise you to attend direct exam, if you have an option to do so.

      Please do not worry, you are going to come up with flying colours, please read religiously, the curriculum books as many times as possible.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Dear Ravi Sir,

    I am new to SAP and want to start my career in SAP functional. I have done BCA from IGNOU and currently working as a SAP QM End User since Jan 2013 (implemented in our company). I was part of SAP implementation project (started June 2012) as an SME for Quality Control Department.

    I am also involve in Production process as my department (QC) is  part of the Operation.

    Can I go for QM and PP model together or fist QM then PP model ??? If I go for QM model then which author book would be good to read 4 or 5 times.

    Do you think training is really required before exam as I am very much involved and handling all QM processes.

    Suppose I prepare myself (self study with IDES and other study materials, scn help etc) and then go for exam is it really possible.

    Please guide me.



    • Hi Sarfaraz,

      Good to know you.

      Please check the exam curriculum at

      If you have working on QM, I would expect you should go for QM Certification. At the end of the day, it depends on your interest.

      You need to check with SAP Education in your country, whether you are eligible to write the Certification without any mandatory training from SAP or their ATCs.

      If SAP agreed that the training is not required in your case, then you can still pass the exam by doing self reading.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Ravi Sir,

    Thank you for your valued guide lines. I checked curriculum on “” and found very familiar to me.

    I am interested in QM module because I have been working in Q.C for last 5.5 years.

    I will check here in Saudi Arabia whether SAP allow me to write the exam without mandatory training.

    Suppose they allow me  to write the exam without any mandatory training then how may months is required to prepare myself for the QM Certification exam by doing self reading.



    • HI Sarfaraz,

      It depends on person to person.

      As these are associate examinations, they would only check the basic fundamentals.

      If you have worked for 5.5 years on QM, if you religiously study the curriculum books for 5 to 6 times for a month, I believe it would be sufficient to pass the exam.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,


      • Hi Sir,

        Glad to know that it’s all about Basic Fundamentals 🙂 gr8.

        I checked the curriculum on SAP training site and found the codes as well i.e. PLM400/412/415/420.

        I want to know which QM book or author’s book like

        • ISBN 978-1-4932-1203-3 (By Javed Akhtar, available on SAP Press)
        • QM Book by Michael Holzer, Michael Schramm also available on SAP Press

        would be good for self reading and self preparation.

        I have some study materials from my friends as well.

        Thanks & Regards


        • Hi Sarfaraz,

          Any books other than the SAP Curriculum books are only complimentary, they may not really 100% help you get through the Certification.

          You need to prepare PLM course books as suggested by SAP.


          Please note these books are SAP copyrighted materials not available for free distribution or outside purchase.

          You may please have look at SAP Learning Hub for access to these materials.

          Meanwhile, I would also advise you to go through SAP Help, which is the best literature available.

          Hope this helps.

          Kind Regards,


          • Sir,

            Thank you for your time and guidance.

            Now every thing is clear about study materials and SAP help & training hub.

            Can I purchase this book or material C_TPLM40_65 from any valid SAP source or from where?

            Thanks & Regards

            Sarfaraz Ahmed

          • Thank you Ravi Sir,

            As you mentioned, I have subscribed to SAP Learning Hub Discovery Edition and already started my study.

            Hopefully next year I would be well prepared to go for writing the QM exam and I am well determined for it In sha Allah.

            One more thing, what should be my next module PP….etc that one is more related to QM???

            Thanks & Regards

            Sarfaraz Ahmed

          • Hi Sarfaraz,

            Good to know you are going through the material from SAP Learning Hub.

            At the end of the day Certification is a personal choice. You will find good consultants who are certified and non-certified and vice-versa. Having Certification is considered as a good sign by your employer and you are going to be respected by your peers and colleagues.

            As, you have worked on PP module also then QM and PP would complement with each other. If there is a product costing, then PP is linked in many ways to CO module. Like this there is no end to it. But, please you should know your core module. We cannot be master in all the modules. We should have our core module and then learn other modules adequately.

            You must break into consulting world, then the world of learning is yours.

            Hope this helps.

            Kind Regards,


          • Thank you for your reply,

            After reading your many replies and postings on SCN I feel morally boosted and confident that I can also be a good consultant. I will keep QM as my core module and next add more.!

            It’s really true that certification is not the Ticket for my next job but a proof of SAP knowledge 😉 .

            Is it possible to go for job interviews without any SAP certification if I am very well prepared and having adequate knowledge of business processes and hands on experience of QM module configuration and customization etc.

            How can any one  prepared him self for job interviews when he is not certified .

            Thanks & Regards;

            Sarfaraz Ahmed

  • Ravi,

    Superb Blog @Ravi…loved reading it..This is the finest of all blogs that i have ever read for anyone to start and establish a career in SAP…I once had all these questions in my mind before i started with the training… such blogs always help you retain and increase your moral potential..

    Thanks again. 🙂



  • Hi Ravi,

             I’m an ABAPer with 8+ experience. I’m seeing that virutually everything is on HANA. I’d like to know what does an experienced ABAPer need to do to move to a functional line, but on HANA. Can we jump over to Sales & Operations (Sales and Distribution in ERP) on HANA ? If yes, what’s the certification for it?

    • Hi Prithvi,

      You may need to look at

      All the latest Certifications are available there on HANA. You may need to select best one you are fit into.

      All the best.

      Kind Regards,


  • Hello Ravi Sir,

    I would like to know how a SAP course will be beneficial for myself(BE Mechanical) & what modules are best suitable & their future prospects .

    Awaiting your Humble Reply.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Shantanu S Kulkarni

  • HI Ravi,

           Thanks for such valuable informations….I am bit more confused about my future scope in SAP and what course will be best suited for me.I am in Mechanical Project Engineer line in core industries.Whether SAp is a good platform for my experience?and if yes what module i should choose for a better scope….WIll be glad to listen from you…



  • Dear Ravi sir,

    My Name is praveen Kumar From UAE.

    I am Mechanical Engineer with +11 years of Experience in Engineering Oil & Gas field.

    Due to oil Market hit, I did my SAP mm course from Local non-authorized Institutes in Dubai last month, they clearly explained me the concepts.

    Now i came back to india temporarily (UAE visa canceled, searching for a job in Oman), I want to write SAP Certification Exam in Singapore (C_TSCM52_67) as a fresher.

    Before Purchasing Certification, My queries are as below

    Am i qualified to write a SAP Global Associate certification Exam in singapore?

    I enquired ATOS SAP partner in india, They are directing me to redo the training (Why Again with High Price) and certification.

    Thanks in Advance for Responding.


    Praveen Kumar



  • hello ravi sir
    I’m working as sap mm end user since 3 years i want to go for certification my total mm experience is 10+ also interested in wm please guide sir

    Prashant Phale

    • Hi Prashant,

      I am not sure whether you can write direct certification in India. You need to contact SAP Education in India. They would be able to advise you.
      The certifications are getting updated in SAP Logistics space. Please follow
      I would always prefer to start with the simple one and then reach the tough once. I would advise you to start a certification, which you are very confident to pass.
      All the best.
      Kind Regards,

  • Hi Ravi, Hope you are well

    I have an S User ID from my past company, can i do certification using the same S user ID?
    Please let me know


  • sir this is very helpful for the people like me, who is interested in this course but i m totally new to this. Sir, how can we come to know that the certification is genuine and SAP certified ? plz help sir I am very much in confusion. I m from Delhi.

  • Hello Ravi,

    Hope you are doing well!

    I have gone through sap hcm course with a sap certified partner and taken my exams around three times but I don’t know where a I did mistake in the exams I fail to get pass marks I secured 50,51 and 53 in the recent exams which I have taken in December ,But the Passing score was 54%
    It was my dream to get certified and become a sap consultant,

    and the dream is still a dream for me
    I am totally fedup now

    Kindly suggest me how to complete this certification
    And when I enquired about taking the sap exams on Jan , institute people told me that I cam take the exams only 3 times which I did already if again I need to take then I need to go thru the vlc training again to take the take the exams

    I can’t bare the cost again so request you to kindly suggest me something

  • Hi All,

    Currently am working with SAP PM ERP 6 EHP 6 and have 3 years of experience in the module and version.

    I would like to take up direct certification in SAP PM ERP6 EHP7 but I do not have experience in this version.

    Am I eligible to take up exam in EHP 7 with my experience in the module Or should I have experience in the version too ?

    could someone confirm on this ?





  • Hello Ravi Sankar Venna,

    i am looking for good online SAP  training school to en role for SAP BASIS training. and i will preferred flexible time and well hands on practices as well. where i will learn both theory and practical ranging from Installation and post installation of S/4HANA solution, user administration, client administration, Transport management and E.T.C

    I will be glad if you can recommend any one for me. I am in Nigeria and working as Basis Junior Consultant but have no project experience. just join January this year. Looking forward for your response.


    Ezeh Kanayochukwu

    • Hi Ezeh,

      I do not know any online institute that provides the training.

      Please visit

      Kindly check if there are any basis courses scheduled in your country.


      If do not find any, please contact local SAP Education Team, they would be to advise you.


      Many thanks,


      Kind Regards,