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Bullet Chart with Lumira SDK

** Updated with the bullet chart how to video at the end **

Here is a bullet chart from a open source charting library which i added to Lumira recenlty with zero knowledge transfer.

Step by step guide will be out soon.

Lumira First Steps Guide

Hello all, i am posting a new video which is a beginners guide of how to start using lumira sdk. I am also posting the sdk files which i mentioned as a basic template in the video. After this there will be another video where i will be showing how we did the bullet chart.

Click here to download the basic template

Lumira Bullet Chart Explained

Bullet chart is designed by Stephen Few and is a good visualization which represents measures with respect to ranges and targets. Bellow is the chart how it looks like with the Metrics as text on the left side and grey rectangles which represent the ranges on top which the measures are plotted as blue bars. The vertical black bar indicates threshold’s or targets.

The original source of the chart can be found here.


Dimensions: Label

Measures: Ranges, Markers and Values

The Chart is implemented in lumira using sdk with the above dimensions and measure groups. The full code with manifest and feed definition files can be downloaded here.

The following video will explain clearly how the chart is implemented using the above hello sap sample, it is suggested you go through the hello sap video first and then go through the bullet chart video.

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