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Step by Step process to establish JCO connections for ESS & MSS Configuration


Now in time, all the big organisations are busy in implementing ESS & MSS. Though most of the third party HRMS systems are in place in a sound number of organisations, still in order to incorporate all the IT aka HR applications in one platform i.e. in SAP , ESS & MSS functionality are being implemented everywhere. In this blog, I am herewith mentioning the required JCO connections , which need to be created to fetch information/data from back-end R3 (ECC) system. Following are the list of major JCO connections for ESS / MSS configuration :-

  1. SAP_ECC_Financials
  2. SAP_ECC_Financials_MetaData
  3. SAP_R3_Financials
  4. SAP_R3_Financials_MetaData
  5. SAP_R3_HumanResources
  6. SAP_R3_HumanResources_MetaData
  7. SAP_R3_SelfServiceGenerics
  8. SAP_R3_SelfServiceGenerics_MetaData
  9. SAP_R3_Travel
  10. SAP_R3_Travel_MetaData

Please note that before configuring JCO connections, make sure that SLD connection is working from EP server.


   On clicking TEST CONNECTION, it should show following message :-


If any issue appears in SLD connection testing, then MAINTAIN JCO CONNECTION & CREATE JCO CONNECTION tabs get disabled.

Let’s proceed for JCO connection creation now . Follow the below link to get the JCO connection creation page :-

http://<FQDN of EP host name>:<port>    =>  Click on WEB DYNPRO  =>  Click on CONTENT ADMINISTRATOR =>  Then MAINTAIN JCO CONNECTION .

Now follow the below points for creating above mentioned JCO connections :-

1. Select the JCO connection to be configured & click on CREATE.

2. Then give the client number of ECC server (R3).


3.  Then select “Local J2EE Connection”.

4.  Now main thing is to select the type of data to be fetched :-

     4.1. Select META DATA for any JCO connection named *Metadata* .

      4.2. Select APPLICATION DATA for any JCO connection named *Model data* or *Application data*.

5.  Now select the corresponding  R3 system and on the next screen give login credentials :-

    5.1.  Mention login credential of R3 system for METADATA.

     5.2.  Mention SSO login ticket for MODEL DATA / APPLICATION DATA.

6.  At last click on FINISH and test the connection by pinging and also by clicking on TEST button.

NB: In case you test through any UME ID (which is not existed in back-end), then it will give following error while TESTING Application Data / Model Data JCO connections :-$Exception: (103) RFC_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: Ticket contains no / an empty ABAP user ID (see note 1159962)

You can ignore this error. Also make sure that the maintained login ID has enough authorization to fetch data from R3 system.

I hope this blog would add some positiveness in solving JCO issues 😎 .



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    • Thanks  Ranjith …

      JCO connection behaves as middleware component that enable a JAVA system (here it’s EP) to communicate back-end ABAP SAP system (here it’s ECC). Generally two types of JCOs are there : 1. Inbound (From JAVA to ABAP system), 2. Outbound (From ABAP to JAVA system). Above mentioned JCO connections are used to call ABAP system from JAVA system whereas to connect ABAP to JAVA , we create JCO RFC connection & the program name needs to be maintained in the TCP/IP RFC created in ABAP system.

      When we browse EP home page http:<FQDN of EP host name>:<port>/irj , it contains various applications like Travel management, HR data fetch (Who am I ) etc. which are co-related with back-end system. So, in order to fetch data directly from EP frontend these JCO connections are required.

      I hope this has cleared your query πŸ˜• .



      • Hi Niluptal,

        Our ESS  version was 633 sp00,portal is 7.31,backend ecc was   ecc6 eehp4,every thing wasworking good,but recently did a trail upgrade of ecc from ehp4 to ehp7,

        Now we are facing issue in ess portal…when we try to edit or delete a family member name in dependent and beneficiary it is giving java lang error,rest of the functionality is working properly,I have tried by upgading ess to sp01 but no luck…still giving the same error.

        Let me know if u came across such error.

        Thanks in advance


      • Hi Nitupal,

        I understand that the 14 JCO connections you mentioned in your documents are to be created in Portal . Do we also need to create these JCO RFC Connections in ABAP under TCP/IP Connections in SM59?

        In our system I do not see any of these connections maintained neither in EP nor in ECC in SM59.

        Kindly advice.

        Many Thanks,


          • Hi Thanks,

            SLD connection to Portal was not working . Once this was up and pinging fine in Portal , we were able to check this JCO connectiin maintained and up and runing in Solman. So no need to create this JCO in Portal.

            And this resolved the issue.

            Many Thanks,


  • Hi Nitupal,

    Standard WebDynpro Java (WDJ) ESS / MSS application use theΒ JCo connections you mentioned. But do we have a way to know which JCo connection a WDJ uses? or to setup a standard ESS / MSS WDJ application do use a different JCo? do you know how to do that?

    Many thanks,

    Pedro Neves