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Whenever process any IMG activity by using T-code we can directly access the screen.

Sometime we don’t know the T-code then will follow IMG path or take the help of “GOOGLE”

We can find it easily with below mentioned any process.

Step 1: Through “Status Bar


Step 2: Go to  Menu bar select “System” then “Status



Step 3: Through Menu Bar>Additional information>Display key>IMG activity


Mostly will get it here, observe last 4 letters (not for every IMG activity)

Step 4:  Even if we follow above steps it’s showing only “SPRO” then in that case

Choose “program” Go to Table- “TSTC”

Give program name -“PGMNA” and get “TCODE” Transaction Code




Step 5: Select IMG activity >right click>Display Technical information>


One more screen will appear

Select “Maintenance Object” Tab

Check “Transaction” Colum in Assigned objects


Step 6: Through “IMG Actvity”

Sometimes even if we follow above step 5 we will not able to find correct T-code

Example:“SIMG_SD_PARTNER”-Set up Partner Determination


Then in that case take the “IMG Activity

Go to table- “CUS_IMGACH” IMG activities

Enter IMG activity (ACTIVITY) – then Execute (F8) and get TCODE-Transaction Code



Hope it helps for beginners.

Comments and Suggestions are welcome


Krishna Kumar.

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  1. Phanikumar Valiveti

    Very nice one..

    Can you please tell me how to find the relevant tcode for each section Once after executing the T code S_P99_41000311…(i find this Tcode also by your suggestion of STEP-6)

  2. Former Member

    Thank you very much! It is really helpful.

    But I could not do it for program SAPL0F52, in my system it is not active table “CUS_IMGACH”. I’d tried also with transaction SE30 and nothing.

    If you can help me, will be great!

    Thanks for all.



  3. Kripa Rangachari

    Hi Krishna – A Very Interesting Blog of my recent SCN reads!

    Though everyday I go to SPRO atleast 5/6 times never ever checked these ways!….. Some how till now used ‘Google’ whenever i require for rarely used IMG paths!!!!

    Best Cheers,

    Kripa Rangachari.


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