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In every project we have custom customizing tables which we use for custom configurations. It becomes very easy for the business user to see all the customizing of the project under one structure and I think there is no place better than SPRO in SAP System to view the customizing.

This document will explain how to create custom SPRO Node for our custom customizing tables.


First of all click on F4 help for the field Enhancement ID and create new Enhancement ID by clicking on the NEW button as shown in below screenshots.

Enhancement ID.JPG

After you have created the Enhancement ID, Select the Top Most Node of the SPRO or the node under which you want to create your own customizing node.

I have selected Customer Relationship Management for this example.

Now Click on Enhance Structure and you will be in following screen.

Click on the Third Button and add the Custom Node.

Custom Node Create.JPG

I have added Customer Customizing node as shown above.

Noe You can add your own customizing tables/ Views to it. Create Table Maintanance for your custominzing table.

Then follow steps to add it in SPRO.

Select the Customer Customizing Node and Click on the button INSERT ACTIVITY AS SUBNODE  ( 5th button from left ).

It will take you to the following screen where you will add the documentation and your table.


Click on CREATE and create the documentation. save document and save this new IMG Activity.

Go to Main Objects tab.


As shown above give the Table name and Give Type , Transaction.

Save everything and give transport whereever asked.

Go to SPRO and Test it.

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  1. Former Member

    thank for the useful info, but i still have a question about the enhancement ID which can be distinguished by original and not original, what’s meaning of it, can you give some tips?


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