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A Mobile PrimeFaces example based on MyFaces 2.0 running on NW 7.31

Hi everybody,

after changing our netweaver runtime platform from 7.0 to 7.31 , I spent a lot of time, trying to migrate some of our TomCat 7.0-based web-application to SAP Netweaver 7.31.

The most of these applications are using popular components/techniques like MyFaces 2.0 (JSF 2.0), Tomahawk, PrimeFaces, Mobile PrimeFaces, Trinidad, CDI, JPA….

Because of the fact that NW 7.31 still supports EE 5.0 (not EE 6.0), in most cases the SAP JSF 1.2 implemenation was insufficient for our needs.

After reading lots of the documents in SDN about “heavy ressource loading”, I found a way to separate the MyFaces (JSF) 2.0 libraries into a library project, so that I could use the Mobile PrimeFaces components in my dynamic web projects, referencing the MyFaces 2.0 implementations via a hard class loader reference.

    <!– JSF 2.0:  MyFaces 2.0.x-Implementierung –>

    <reference reference-type=”hard” prepend=”true”>

        <reference-target provider-name=””



The most difficult part was to decide which jars to place in the MyFaces 2.0 library project to avoid “class not found”-runtime exceptions. But I still found a solution that fulfilled our requirements.

Because of the fact that there still is a big interest in using popular java techniques that exceed the possibilties of the EE 5.0 implementation on NW 7.3, I decided to post my solution in SDN.

The example project is a skeleton of an existing project we use in our insurance (“Elektronische Versicherungsbestätigung”). (Sorry, for the field names and comments in the project example beeing in german language).

If you like, you’ll find all sources of the example project in the Code Exchange Repository: “

Important Notice:

  • For entering “Code Exchange”, you have to be a registered user!
  • To exclude conflicts with the different licence agreements, I removed the “open source” jars from the project!

If you just want to see the running web-application:

  1. log in to SCN (
  2. download the enterprise-application-archiv “eVBMobilExampleEAR.ear” (““)
  3. download the needed jars (See: “” for the download-locations!)
  4. place the jars into the zipped “eVBMobilExampleEAR.ear”-file below the following lib-folder:One.jpgTwo.jpg
  5. download the library-sda-file “MyFaces20x.sda” (See: ““)
  6. download the needed jars (See: “” for the download-locations!)
  7. place the jars into the zipped “MyFaces20x.sda”-file below the following lib-folder (Notice: The names of the jars must exactly match to the listed names in the provider.xml) :Three.jpg
  8. deploy the standard library file: “MyFaces20x.sda” and accordingly the Enterprise Archiv: “eVBMobilExampleEAR.ear”

Call the web-application using the URL: “http://{Your Hostname:Port}/eVBMobilExample”.

If everything works fine, you should see the following dialog-pages:DialogStep1.jpgDialogStep2.jpgDialogStep3.jpgDialogStep4.jpg



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