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Configuring periodic middle-ware customizing load in CRM

Hi All,

We usually face scenarios where in we need to load customizing data from ECC to CRM for daily stuck BDocs related to customer master and other things , like : Bank master data , price list , pricing data , etc. Here we will discuss , how we can configure a daily initial load for a few objects to prevent these kind of bdocs from getting stuck.

1. Navigate to tcode : R3AS .

2. In the load object enter all the adapter objects you want for daily load : Most common : DNL_CUST_BNKA , DNL_CUST_TVLS , DNL_CUST_PRICE .

3. Save the values as a variant .

4. Navigate to SM36 > ” Job Wizard ”

5. Give a name to the job

6 . “Abap program as step”

7. Program name : SMOF_DOWNLOAD , Variant as the variant you made

8. Continue

9. “Immediately”

10. Periodic jobs > Period

Then give a periodicity of the job and finish.

It’s advised that you schedule the job at periodicity of 1 day. You can also take it down to 12 hours .

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      Want to add few Point

      Divide a Blog into three sections: What?, How?, and Why?


      1) why :

      Since customizing data refers to rules of business, which do not normally change on a day-to-day basis,

      activation of the delta load is not permitted for customizing download objects.

      Please note that the solution section of this note also includes options for scheduling the initial load of application objects, should this be required.

      2) what :

      Delta changes to customizing data not sent to CRM

      Can I activate delta load of customizing data?

      How can initial/request loads be scheduled to run as batch jobs

      3) How :

      In the case of customizing objects, check the flow tab in transaction R3AC3 to determine whether the object is used to update the CDB or CRM Online.

      In the case of customizing objects that update the CDB, a sychronization load can be scheduled to run in the background.

      This can be done by creating a batch job for program SMOF_COMPARE in transaction SM36.

      For customizing objects that update CRM Online, an initial load can be scheduled.

      This can be done by creating a batch job for program SMOF_DOWNLOAD.

      For application objects - i.e. objects maintained in transaction R3AC1 -

      there are two options: to schedule an initial load as described in step 3;

      alternatively, one or several requests can be used. By defining a request in transaction R3AR2,

      it is possible to select a subset of the values downloaded in the initial load.

      (Please note that the filters defined for in R3AC1 will be implemented before those defined in R3AR2 are applied.)

      A batch  job of program SMOF_REQUESTN can be created in SM36  and used to schedule a request load to run in the background.

      Reference : 1621130 - Regular update of Customizing Data in CRM system is required


      Vaibhav Shah

      Author's profile photo Hasan Rafiq
      Hasan Rafiq
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Vaibhav,

      I understand for the points 1 and 2 , would like to thank you for your kind advise .

      Whereas I don't think that for the explanation of point 3 , this much is needed because the document is not about checking the flow context or replicating customizing to CDB.

      However I appreciate your views and that you spent so much time to analyze it. Thanks a lot .