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A custom Pie Chart add-on for BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 SP3 or higher

Here is another interesting add-on for BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 – a custom pie chart. In my working experience, many times, I did face the requirement of a doughnut chart and exploding a pie wedge while drill-down. So, I have created an add-on for the same in flex with dashboards sdk which I am sharing here.


General Tab

In this tab, there are options to

  • bind the labels and values of the pie chart to excel range.
  • insert selected label and value to excel.

  • Records with blank values in label or data are ignored.
  • If no item is selected, NaN is inserted as value.
  • Once selected, an item can be deselected by clicking the exploded wedge.

Behavior Tab

In this tab, there are options for:

  • Dynamic visibility: Setup dynamic visibility of the component.
  • Negative value handling: Show negative values as absolute in pie chart or do not show the record at all.
  • Top N and Others: It is possible to show top N records and group other records as ‘Others’ in the chart.


If show negative values as absolute is selected, negative data is displayed as positive in chart, though, data is inserted as negative while drill-down.

Appearance Tab

In this tab, there are options to:

  • vary inner radius to create a doughnut chart.
  • bind colors of the pie wedges to an excel cell range.
  • show or hide border.
  • select border color.
  • select background color.
  • select position and font of the legend.

  • Wedge colors can be a flex-supported color name or a valid hex color code. If it is not, then black will be selected.
  • It is recommended to select a color range larger than or equal to the range of labels. Otherwise the colors will be repeated.

How does it look like in canvas

Without drill-down

After drill-down

Showing top 3 and Others

A Doughnut Chart

Showing data on mouse hover

Custom background and border color


The full flex project along with the add-on(xlx) file is available here for download.

For more interesting add-ons, visit the wiki page SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 Add-On Gallery.

Happy dashboarding 🙂

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