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Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann

Examples of Integration of SAP EHS Management into other SAP Solutions

Integration options of SAP EHS Management

The integration options of SAP EHS Management may be are not known well. By using these integration options you might have some benefits. Therefore a small list of options should be collected and presented  shortly.

Integration with SAP GTS

The integration option is shown here:

Chapter; Hazardous Substance Check with SAP ERP EH&S

This option does make sense for companies who still use SAP GTS and which does have products which are e.g. REACh relevant. The “same” solution could be used to check for TSCA, CEPA etc. relevance.

The Compliance Check (EHS-BD-CCK) which is part of SAP EHS Management is used only in the context of

Recipe Management (check:

Chapter: Compliance Check (EHS-BD-CCK)

The integration fo SAP GTS with SAP ERP is not only used to execute compliance etc. checks. SAP GTS support you regarding other legal obligations as well. Check e.g. SAP Global Trade Services 10.1 – SAP Help Portal Page

Integration with SAP TM

The integration here is mainly related to Dangrous Goods topic. Check:

Chapter: Considering Dangerous Goods and subchapters

You can execute a “Dangerous Goods Content” upload into SAP TM as well. May be check:

Loading Dangerous Goods Content – Considering Dangerous Goods – SAP Library

In most cases some data need to be transferred from SAP ERP to SAP TM using ALE (e.g. phrases).

Integration with SAP eWM

The integration option is shown here:

EH&S Services in Extended Warehouse Management – SAP Library

With these subchapters:

Dangerous Goods topics:

Hazardous Material topics:

Depending on your SAP landscape etc. you can maintain the EHS data once, create DG Master and HS master and distribute them to SAP eWM.

The use of the new SAP eWM function to control / check the storage of hazardous materials is recommended in comparison to the old solution used with SAP WM.

Integration with SAP BW

May be check:

Chapter:  SAP EHS Management (Enhanced)


Chapter: Data Extraction to BW


and similar links

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Christoph,

      Great idea to list the different integration points !



      Author's profile photo Marko Lange
      Marko Lange


      the EHS integration into business processes makes it really unique.

      I would also mention SVT notification check (integration into MM, SD and PP module of ERP) which allows to control conformance of Purchaes, Sales and Production orders against chemical regulations - both volume dependent as required for REACH and volume independent against required notifications.

      Another integration topic is QM integration (hand over of substance properties as qualitiy inspection critieria) and we also have now an intergation between chemical object in EHS component extension (comes with version 4 which now entered Ramp Up) for integration into new hazardous substance management.

      For more details and a good picture that visualize all integration points please refer to


      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Marko

      I appreciate your feedback 😆 🙂 . Yes you are right. The "notification check" will help companies using SAP EHS and SAP GTS etc.

      Thanks for your nice link. Very helpful for the EHS community. May be you could enlarge this documentation. Years ago II visited a SAP lecture with the "big picture" regarding EHS. Now I believe it is worth to have a similar one (including any opf the SAP solutions which have been prepared/delivered in the last 5 years). I would appreciate if you could enlarge your slides shown,

      May be you have some time and could help in discussion

      as this is related to EHS / QM interface.

      I believe based on your feedback I will update the document taking care regarding interface SAP EHS Management "classic" and Component Extension.

      May be you can help as well: in a different discussion it was "discussed" to start a new FORUM regarding "Management of Change": I did not find the FORUM so far. Based on your document I believe it would be helpful to have a new FORUM. By the way: is there any strategy regarding this tool? With Component Extension SAP is delivering now very fast new solution; what about SAP Management of Change? According to what I have read the use of the tool is actually limited in EHS environment; but may be this will change; may be you could show us the recent big picture of SAP regarding this solution (Management of Change)

      Author's profile photo Marko Lange
      Marko Lange


      I am working on enlarging elaboration of EH&S intgration points. The vision is to realize an integrated chemical information system based on what we already have in SAP under the umbrelly name of Integrity of Innovative Products. Please stay tuned on things to come in this regard.

      Rather than technical documentation I guess the main obstacles are change management hurdles. That is what I heard at least from customer when discussing this concept. We simply do not have same maturity in handling chemicals information than we have for business data objects like materials, suppliers etc. Customers told me that they like the idea while not feeling able to work like that not trusting the quality of own data and seeing organizational boundaries and missing process implementations needed for that.

      Regarding the EHS-QM interface discussion: I guess you gave already the answer. However I will take a closer look at it. In VCI working group for QM/LIMS we plan to analyze the interface. I hope we come up with a common understanding whether and if yes which limitations the interface really have. However as long as customers do not go for an integrated approach for chemical information it would be hard to justify a business case here. Personally I see potential for optimization within the chemical industry.

      Regarding MoC. For the time being it is indeed mainly positioned around operational risk management. But this is a positioning thing only. Mentioning MoC in the context of Product Integrity was alread the attempt to propose it for different purposes. The tool is generic enough and I leave it to every customer´s creativity to manage any changes he or she wants although I must admit that manging changes of products, processes and technical assets is already a lot...

      Kind rgds


      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Marko

      thanks again for your explanations etc.

      I assume that if something can be  communicated regarding " The vision is to realize an integrated chemical information system based on what we already have in SAP under the umbrelly name of Integrity of Innovative Products. Please stay tuned on things to come in this regard." you will do this in this FORUM.

      And yes you are right; The management of change to e.g. introduce new software / new ideas in a company is not an easy task and the hurdles are different by company.

      Regarding the QM interface: even taking into account enlargements done by SAP there is less use of this interface (Discussion in this FORUm showed that this interface is used rarely). This is in contrast (in my opinion) of use of the BOM BOS interface. One reason might be that the interface is not designed as "simple" as BOM  BOS. . ). May be the discussion in VCI group will help to detect if there might be a business case to go on with.

      What the EHS community could need on the top? E.g. regarding BOM BOS: we have a lot of "similar" solutions: May be a good "decision matrix" could help here. The same is true regarding IMDS topic. According to my analysis we have now two solutions (SAP Product and Reach Compliance Suite and Component Extension 4.):

      Therefore how could you help the EHS community?

      a.) show the "road"/"strategy" of SAP => which solution will be developped further on in the future; which solution will be stopped (no new ideas)

      b.) Is there a decision matrix available (based on existing SAP landscape; complexitiy of company etc.) to help companies to decide which solution is the right one?

      May be you could enlarge your document

      or create a new one. E.g. taking into account solutions like "SuPM" (Sustainability Performance Management).

      As regulation regarding chemicals seems to get "stricter" (e.g. GHS, REACh) in my opinion to stay on the market as a company you need to support your internal processes by may be using SAP tools and techniques.

      May be someone from SAP or a different company could provide a "success story" regarding MoC (may be there is one?). What are the hurdles?

      With best regards


      Author's profile photo Marko Lange
      Marko Lange


      some quick remarks on your comments:

      QM-EHS interface: I got a lot of critical feedback on this here, in other discussions and forums and by customers. Therefore I will have to investigate that issue and I am happy that the VCI working group is planning to step in here. I keep you updated.

      MoC: Hard to find references yet since the solution still is quite new and adoption always takes time. However it is less a software topic rather than a change management issue. The software support of change processes with MoC should be no rocket science but the set up an re-thinking of change processes can be difficult although quite critical of course for safety in a chemical company and therefore highly important.

      Roadmap/strategy of SAP: Internally we are currently working on general update of all roadmaps and I will let you know when new roadmaps are available. A general plan is to consolidate the REACH stuff on EHSM extension as well as we have done with product compliance stuff already. This is for simplification of system landscape and therefore reducing of TCO having the new health & safety related stuff on the component extension as well. Therefore I would not agree on saying there are 2 solutions for IMDS. EHSM4.0 is the successor of REACH 2.0 in regards to IMDS. So the EHSM component extension is the place to go switching sooner or later the REACH stuff from REACH 2.0 to it as well.

      I fully agree with your remark on chemical compliance. The classic EH&S module with its SVT and notification check capability which also integrates with GTS module is already a perfect way to embedd product compliance into business processes.

      Kind rgds


      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Marko

      once again. Many thanks for your hints etc.

      One important message seems to be: actually do not invest in SAP Product and Reach Compliance Suite any more ? If I compare Component Extension 4.0 with functionality of SPRC there is still a great difference. E.g. including IUCLID interface and many other features.

      Therefore I hope that you can present soon the SAP roadmap/strategy regarding the old  and the new solutions. Don'T forget: in the past (I did not prepared a further inquiry in the last years on that) there was a clear legacy trend to use XML as the technique for data exchange. I still have the feeling that it is important to have such solutions in place either in SAP EHS Management "classic" or in Component Extension. Some companies used may be OCC in the past. Other solutions are possible as well.

      As you know: some local trends exists to exchange data using XML regarding MSDS/SDS.

      One solution of SAP delivered was a combination of SAP ERP with SAP XI/PI. Not all companies are using SAP XI/PI. This is a further challenge for SAP regarding support of small and midsized companies (like use of SAP GTS; which is more common for larger companies).

      I believe a very imprortant piece of the puzzle is the community which SAP tries to support/build up (network of product stewardship). Only by collecting legislation trends, analyzing them and providing solutions for different type of companies (smaller and bigger ones) SAP can deliver suitable solutions. Working groups like DSAG, VCI and others are an important success factor to get the trends collected, analyzed and may be using this input new solutions will come up, or old solutions would be optimized (like EHS <=> QM interface).

      By the way: a further succcess factor is the topic of "data providing" as well as data managment (as SAP is delivering with the regulatory content solutions). The "OnDemand" solution architecture might help smaller and mid sized companies e.g. in the chemical area to concentrate their efforts in producing new solutions for chemical industry and  not focusing on IT landscape and the IT trends (which solution is the right one?).


      Author's profile photo Marko Lange
      Marko Lange


      REACH2.0 is still the relaese to go for if you are looking for a solution to inform customers about supported REACH uses or to determine those from the customers. It is also the right tool to check coverage of REACH uses with suppliers and to manage REACH registrations including IUCLID Endpoints in the light of the REACH use communication.

      The XML based communication of REACh Exposure scnearios (ESComXML) is currently in preparation. I will let you know once this is finally decided but I see this more based on classic EH&S and the EHSM component extension with perhaps some integration into REACH 2.0.

      I don´t expect GTS or XI/PI a must. Both are a nice to have. GTS in terms of Import and Export Controls that integrates with EH&S notification check although thios also can be used without GTS and XI/PI as an enabler of XML based communication which also could be done without it with the SAP system having an XML parser and SMTP server on board. The role of PSN here will also have to be clarified but is definitely an option.

      Kind rgds


      Author's profile photo Arnaud Adam
      Arnaud Adam

      Dear Christoph,

      Thank you for the info.

      I'm currently looking into the integration possibilities between EHS and EWM but I noticed the links above are no longer working. Could you please direct me to documentation on this particular integration? Thank you in advance.

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Christoph Bergemann
      Christoph Bergemann
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Arnaud

      why not using "google"?? Or just look here:

      or here:;_ylu=X3oDMTByNmJrMW5mBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDOQRjb2xvA2lyMgR2dGlkAw--/RV=2/RE=1495826219/RO=10/

      Or just look at onbline help of "eWM"