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Relationship between BPs and some Important Business Objects in SAP ISU-CRM

Data Retrieval

Linking Business Partner Tables logically

  • BUT000 – contains the key as Business Partner Number – thus other details of business partner such as Category, Type, Name, Language, Country, Contact Person etc can be obtained from it by using the corresponding BP Number.
  • BUT0BK- Using the BP Number and Bank Detail ID, details such as Bank Account Number, Account Holder’s Name, and Name of Bank Account etc can be obtained.
  • BUT020 – ADRC – ADR2 – ADR6 is the link of tables used to get the Address Details of the BP corresponding to Business Partner Number (obtained from BUT000) and the address number from BUT020 table.
  • Roles of Business Partner can be obtained from the table BUT100.
  • Contact Person and related details for a BP number (BUT000) can be obtained using the table BUT051.
  • Business Partner’s Roles and Relationship Details for BP number (BUT000) can be obtained from BUT050.

Linking Service Contract Tables Logically

  • CRMD_ORDER_INDEX: Contains GUID’s of all the transactions in CRM. Also provides a link to connect Business Partner with the CRM Transaction.
  • CRMD_CUSTOMER_H: Contains Additional Contract Details (enhanced fields), linked to Header GUID.
  • CRMD_CUSTOMER_I: Contains Additional Site Details (enhanced fields), links Header and Item GUID’s for all the transactions.
  • CRMD_ORDERADM_H: Contains Header Details. GUID field can be used to link with CRMD_ORDER_INDEX.
  • CRMD_ORDERADM_I: Contains Item Details. HEADER field can be used to link with CRMD_ORDERADM_H (header guid).

Categorization of CRM Business Transaction based on Subobject Category

We have used Subobjects to categorize the Business Transactions in CRM for a leading ISU-SAP CRM implementation.

Business Transaction Name




Service Contract








Utility contract item



  1. For Example if you want to retrieve all the activities in CRM, pass the OBJECT_TYPE  

as ‘BUS2000126‘ in CRMD_ORDER_INDEX table.

  1. 2. The Subobject Category can be customized for a business transaction from the

      transaction SPRO.

Hope this Document helps everyone who are implementing SAP ISU-CRM.

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