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Tips for the Portal Content Studio

Big screens are great for developers/administrators, that’s for sure. While changing properties in the Portal Content Studio, there is a lot of space left for more properties. If you look at the first image, you will see there are only 10 lines of properties displayed. Working with the portal for a long time now, I couldn’t find a way to reset the table entries to let’s say 30. Searching SDN posts, help files and looking into NWA if there are PCD Generic properties to set for the property viewer. Still no luck…

A few months ago I met Idzik Feldman during the UI Theming Feedback sessions. Idzik was helpfull to redirect my question to Shani Limor who receives all credits for the solution!

Tip 1: WD Personalization

The answer to my issue is WD personalization, ctrl+right click on the table header and you can set the value from 10 to let’s say 30.

Step 1: Go to the Portal Content Studio, open a page / iview / folder or something else.

Step 2: Go to the Properties tab.

Step 3: Switch from “Basic” to “All”, to see all properties.

Screenshot - 26-7-2013 , 8_37_34.png

Step 4: You will see 10 lines now. Move your mouse to the table header area and point your mouse to an empty area on the table header (otherwise you will be customizing other fields).

Step 5: Hold down CTRL key and press the right button on your mouse. Et voila, a “User settings” / “Gebruikersinstellingen” menu will popup.

Screenshot - 26-7-2013 , 8_39_39.png

Step 6: Select “More” / “Andere gegevens” and there’s the table definition of 10 lines!

Screenshot - 26-7-2013 , 8_45_20.png

Step 7: Change it to 30 and press Ok.

Screenshot - 26-7-2013 , 8_46_52.png

Wow! That was easy. This saves me so much scrolling. But also I need to select Step 3 every time. Opening in basic mode and switch to All. Maybe we can configure that too?

Tip 2: From Basic to All by default (7.30 SP9 and 7.31 SP7 >)

In addition, you can configure the Property Editor open state to be “All” instead of “Basic” by configuring the WD application tc~pp~adm~tls~property_editor.

Nice! But Shani keeps feeding me with cool info. Let’s share the last tip!

Tip 3: Properties configuration!

Wondered why we see properties we are not interested in? Neither did I to be honest. But from 7.30 SP9 and 7.31 SP7 there are even more features for developers/administrators. You can tweak which properties you would like to see or not! WOW!

If you want to open the Property Editor and see by default a set of predefined properties based on object type, you should use the “Basic” category. To define what is shown in “Basic” attributes list we provide the “Property classification” editor.


That’s it for now. As Shani would say: Have a wonderful day!


Noël Hendrikx – SAP Portal consultant @ Peppie Portals.

Specialized in Corporate branding SAP Portal / Adobe Interactive Forms.

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      Author's profile photo Rajendrakumar Gaikwad
      Rajendrakumar Gaikwad

      This is cool...I did not know that....

      Keep writing and keep us amuzing 🙂



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Useful tips these - bookmarked!



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Tips 1 & 2 are always useful .. no-doubt!! I would change it right away! 😘 it!

      Thanks, MS

      Author's profile photo Steffi Warnecke
      Steffi Warnecke

      TIP2! 😘 How long have I waited for this! Thank you for sharing this, Noel and of course a big THANK YOU to Shani Limor for putting you in the position of sharing this.

      Now all I need is a parameter to set the properties by default on "Modify", when calling it up. It's always one unnecessary click to many when I have to click on "Modify" there. Seriously... most of the time I go to the properties to change something, not just to look at them. In 7.0 modify was default and with 7.3 came this over-protective stuff. *sigh*

      Author's profile photo Shani Limor
      Shani Limor

      Hello Steffi,

      Thank you for the feedback 😉 .

      Concerning the Property Editor "Modify" by default request:

      We are aware of this pain point for Portal customers in 7.3x, but unfortunately this will not be changed. We`ve performed a deep investigation on this scenario, but due to the technological complexity, we were not able to change the current behavior.

      Have a wonderful week,


      Author's profile photo Steffi Warnecke
      Steffi Warnecke

      Hello Shani,

      though my hopes are crushed by this info, I'm also thankful to get it. 🙂

      A wonderful (and less hope-crushing ^^) week to you too!