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Poor Data “Qualty” Can Be Embarrassing…

Data quality is one of the biggest barriers to using information effectively, but it’s a hard problem to fix because of the limitations of human nature.

To illustrate the point, here are some unfortunate folks who are responsible for data quality initiatives yet who managed to misspell “data quality” in their LinkedIn job titles (let he who has never made a spelling mistake cast the first stone!).

FYI, I have tried to contact the people concerned to let them know, but didn’t always succeed.

data qualty quality 2

data qualty quality

data qualty quality 3

data qualty quality 4

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  • Well said, Timo. Quality is a direct predecessor to trust, especially when we’re talking data. When quality errors are immediately egregious, most people simply stop using that data for their analytics. (We always hope that they raise the issue, specify what is wrong with the data, and indicate the business value of having correct data in the case. But…this doesn’t always happen. 🙂

    All the more reason to be routinely scanning the data used for key decisions and analytics projects. Oh, and we have a product for that. SAP Information Steward.

  • Google has 9140000 hits for Qualty

    172000 hits in LinkedIn

    and 9960 for seeking qualty like


    Seeking Thought Leaders in Qualty Management

    Seeking HSEQ/Qualty Manager for long term

    which means that even such Qualty guys may find new jobs