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How to Move LSMW all objects from one server to another server

Hai Friends,

In this documents , i am explaining the how to move LSMW all obkects from one server to another server.

I observed lot of members they known very well LSMW but they don’t have idea how to transfer one server to another server.

suppose Project : SJ1I9

subproject: spj1i9

object : oj1i9


Go to EXTRAS  —–> EXPORT PROJECT (ctrl + f8)




go to export rules —-> export (F8)



file save in desktop

go to another quality server example 810 client

go to LSMW

enter same project name, sub project , object


Menu bar EXTRAS —> Import projects

select you file from desktop


enter again





enter and go back

now you can use lsmw in quality server also.

You can transfer like this way to any server.

Hope it is helpf ful to all.

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