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Bill Of Material Settings in CRM and ECC

This document deals with the setting up of “Bill of Material” products in SAP CRM system in integration with the SAP ECC system.  The objective of this document is to give a frame work of configuration setting that we may have to be related to the same in SAP CRM.

This is an attempt to give a broad over view of the settings and may be used as a ready document. You may need to do additional settings depending on the client specific requirement if any.

The scenario covered in this document includes:

  • Creation of BOM materials in the SAP ECC system and the related settings
  • Download of BOM materials in SAP CRM
  • Display of BOM materials in SAP CRM and related settings
  • Usage of BOM materials in SAP CRM
    • Sales scenario in SAP CRM ISA channel
    • Sales scenario in SAP CRM GUI

Scenario exclusions:

  • Material used are not having variant configurations in ECC
  • Single level BOM is being used (Multi-level bills of material are not permitted)


Structured products (Bill of Material) consist of a header product and component products. They are used to represent a group of products as a distinct unit in certain logistics processes.

  • Main Item- Item that has sub-items in a business transaction and occupies the highest position in the item hierarchy.
  • Subitem – Sub-item is an item in a sales document that refers to a main item or a higher-level item.

Steps in SAP ECC

1. Material Master Data is created in SAP ECC using “mm01” transaction code

    1. Say header Material 12007492 is created  in ECC
    2. Say a lower level item 12007491 is created in SAP ECC
    3. Currently they are not connected

2. For BOM setting, a relationship needs to be maintained (between the header item and the sub-item) in SAP ECC using CS01 transaction code. (CS02 – Change / CS03 – Display)

    1. Say header material 12007492 is linked to sub item 12007991
    2. The relationship needs to be maintained for a particular plant in ECC
    3. BOM usage selected is 5 (sales and distribution)

Transaction Code – CS01

SAP 1.png

SAP 2.png

The screenshot displayed that header material 12007492 is related to the sub-item 12007491. Only sub-item has been assigned in this example. More than one sub-items can also be assigned.

3.          Item category setting in SAP ECC

     a.          The setting for Structure Scope for HEADER item category is important. It is depicted in the below screen shot:

          i.          Concept of delivery group (x – as delivery of header and item should also go together) – It helps to determine a common delivery date for all the items.

          ii.          Pricing indicator selected as ‘y’ for both TAP and TAQ, if pricing needs to be done separately for both the header item and sub-item

SAP 3.png

SAP 4.png

Steps in SAP CRM

1.          Download of BOM material in SAP CRM

     a.          Transaction Code to be used – R3AC1

     b.          Adaptor object to be used – BOM

     c.          Relevant filter settings need to be provided

SAP 5.png

SAP 7.png

2.          Settings for the display of BOM material relationships in SAP CRM  (Relationship Type for PRODUCT Category)

     a.          This setting is required to view the SUB-ITEM in the COMPONENT tab of the header material. RELATIONSHIP TYPE – STRSETS is assigned to the      PRODUCT CATEGORY.

     Transaction Code: comm_hierarchy

SAP 8.png

3. Display of BOM relationships in BOM header material

    1. Once the above setting is been done, the sub-item can be seen in SAP CRM in the component tab as shown below:

SAP 9.png

4. Item category related BOM settings in SAP CRM

    1. Say the item category of the header BOM material  should be determined as TAQ
    2. Say the item category of the sub-item BOM material  should be determined as TAP
    3. In the header item category (TAQ) structure settings should be done as below:
      • Single level BOM explosion of structured product
      • Pricing relevance flag is clicked as pricing needs to be done for the header BOM material

SAP 10.png

          d. In the sub-item item category (TAP) structure settings should be done as below:

      • No BOM explosion of structured product
      • Pricing relevance flag is clicked as pricing needs to be done for the sub-item BOM material

SAP 11.png

5. Item category determination related settings in SAP CRM

    1. The item category determination in SAP CRM should match with the item category determination setting in ECC.
    2. The item cat determination logic for the above scenario is given: (Representative and needs to be done based on the project requirements)
      • Say transaction type being used for BOM scenarios is YQOR
      • TAP will get determined when the higher item category is TAQ
    3. With the above settings, the sub-item will be determined automatically in the sales order in CRM GUI.

SAP 12.png

        d. The item category determination settings as shown above help determination of sub item as soon as the header material is                       entered in the order. The reference of the header material will be shown at the line item level of sub-item

    • Item Category – BoM Header – Item Category Group ZNOR                
    • Item Category – BoM Sub-item – Item Category Group – VERP   

6. Usage of BOM material in SAP GUI

Price Determination

SAP 13.png


Other Comments –

1.  This configuration will also help in use of sing level BOM on CRM WEB UI.


This configuration setting is for BOM set up.  Any other requirement in terms of BOM explosion in WEB CHANNEL scenario requires additional settings which are not covered in this document.

Note – Dear expert,  your feedback on this document will be highly appreciated.

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      Former Member

      Very informative and elaborately explained



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      Former Member

      Very useful information , thank  you for sharing.


      Author's profile photo Arjun Pawar
      Arjun Pawar

      Nice article, thanks for sharing 🙂

      Author's profile photo ravi chandra kummitha
      ravi chandra kummitha

      Hi Joshi ,

      It was very helpful document , I have a query on BOM replication from ECC to CRM for multiple Plants.

      I have implemented the above steps which you have mentioned above , but when i check table COMM_PR_MAST , i could find BOM;s only for single PLANT.

      What is the procedure to replicate BOMs for multiple plants from ECC to CRM.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      You have to change the plant in download adapter and re-initiate the BOM_ERP adapter download. There is no support or limitation in SAP for downloading multiple plants of BOM at the same time.



      Author's profile photo Athreya Ramakrishna Hegde
      Athreya Ramakrishna Hegde


      I suppose there is no support for downloading BOMs with multiple plants from ECC to CRM. The restriction for the same can be found at code level -> Sub-routine process_bommst of include LCOM_PRODUCT_IL_R3_ADAPTERF29. The routine gets called in the R/3 CRM mapping function module COM_MAP_BAPIMTCS_TO_PROD_IL of the adapter object BOM_ERP.

      Hope this helps,


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      Atul Keshav

      Thanks for the sharing the useful information Dnyanesh, its really helpful.

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      Former Member

      Really good effort you given in this document. please keep sharing your knowledge.

      thanks and regards


      Author's profile photo Alexander Edén
      Alexander Edén

      Really good input! Thanks

      I have a questions which touches upon what you have described... if you have time - please have a look at:

      BR / Alex

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for the post, I have followed your steps but replication remains unsuccessful (CRM 7 with EHP2):

      1. What is the difference between adapters BOM and BOM_ERP?  BOM_ERP seems to remain inactive, even though I activate and set filters in order to run a load.
      2. Is the replication of MARC data required for BOM replication?  When I debug, I notice that the IL* tables for MARC data is fulled in ECC; it seems though that the data is ignored during CRM replication.  This means that MARC data is not required for BOM replication?
      3. My issue is that the BOM adapter BDOC loads successfully but no relationships are built in CRM (Component relationship).  I have followed the COMM_HIERARCHY steps.

      Any ideas, I think I have checked all common issues? 



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      This issue is now resolved  🙂

      Author's profile photo CSC Consultant
      CSC Consultant

      Hi Eugene,

      It would be gr8 if you could share the resolution steps asap as am also looking for the same details. Please share the details either on this thread or @

      Thanks in advance.

      Author's profile photo ram ram
      ram ram

      Hi Joshi, we are facing the issue that  Delta load not working from ECC to CRM. I am using the Adapter object BOM. What are the settings need to be done  in ECC or CRM?

      If we are changing the quantity for child material in BOM, changed quantity not replicated into CRM . But in CRM, dummy BDOC is generating with  out the data.


      Author's profile photo Dharmakasi Thotakura
      Dharmakasi Thotakura

      Hello Rama,

      We are exactly facing the same issue in our system. Delta replication is not working from ERP to CRM. Can you please let us know if you have solved this issue already?

      Best Regards,