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Assembly processing in another plant in ECC

Assembly processing in another plant

Scenario Description:

The sales order is entered at the Distribution center for the Finished Good. But the material is produced in the Manufacturing Plant. In the Assemble-to-Order Scenario, we have to create the planned order or the production order to initiate the production once the sales order is entered. This can be achieved by the planning strategy 81 or 82 in the production plant.

Since the sales order is entered in DC and that should initiate the production in the Manufacturing plant, the special procurement key ‘Production in alternate plant’ should be set for the FG in the DC.

So, whenever a sales order is entered in DC, it will try to produce the material in the manufacturing plant and it will create a production order/ planned order.

Scenario executed:

Here is the scenario to understand the system behavior:

DC -1100

Plant – 1300



FG Material @DC 1100:

Special procurement Key – 81 = Production in alternate plant @1300

Planning strategy – 82 = Assembly processing with Production order

FG Material @Manufacturing Plant 1300:

Procurement type – E = In-house production

Strategy can be anything (since for the sales orders entered at DC 1100, the strategy 82 maintained at DC take precedence over the strategy maintained at Plant 1300)

Create Sales order:

Create a sales order for the material ASSLY_PROC at the DC 1100 for 7 EA.

Once after entering material, quantity and Plant 1100, press enter to initiate the ATP. This will take you to the production order directly. If the capacity availability check is active and there is an overload situation, system will give you the message on Overload.

Also, most importantly, we can see that the production order is being created at the manufacturing plant 1300.

Accept or act on the overload alert.

That will take you back to the sales order.

Go to the sales order item schedule line tab.

We can see the confirmed quantity and the production order link in the screen.

When we click the ‘Production order’ button, it will display the created production order.

Save the sales order.

Sale order number: 12257

Check the stock requirement list for the material ASSLY_PROC at the DC 1100.

We could see the sales order and the associated production order in the list and we can see the production plant as 1300.

Check the situation at the plant 1300.

Now open the sales order and check the link back to the production order from the schedule line tab by clicking the ‘Procurement’ button.

Now we will change the quantity of the order from 7 to 10 and we will check that it changes the production order quantity also.

Now release the production order.

Check that the same released status is updated in Sales order schedule line.

Now again change the quantity of the order from 10 to 7.

Even after releasing the production order, sales order takes control of production and whatever changes made to the sales order is updated in the production order.

Now change the production order quantity from 7 to 5. It does not change the sales order quantity, but the confirmed quantity will get reduced to 5.

Redo the ATP check in sales order. This will reset the quantity of the production order back to 7.

Save the sales order and check the production order.

Post the GR for the Production order. The location for GR will be selected automatically as DC 1100 and it will e posted into sales order stock.

In the stock requirement list, we can see the stock updated at the location DC 1100 in sales order specific stock.

In Plant 1300, the sales order and the production order are reduced from the stock/ requirement list.

This completed the scenario on “Assembly Processing in Another Plant”.

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