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Keyboard tips when coding

Hi ,

         I added two keyboard tips used frequently , when i am coding.    

–       When we are coding sometimes we need to copy and paste the pervious line to next line to change the code.

        E.g :-    Data : c_1 type c,

                             c_2 type c,

                             c_3 type c.

         In such cases ,  usually we will copy the previous line and paste below.

         Instead of that use ‘ CTRL + D‘  – which will duplicate the row.


–      Sometime after coding  we need to go to command field and type some tcodes for testing.

         Instead of select the mouse and click at command field , Use ‘CNTL + /’


– There are lot of keyboard setting tips where SAP is providing , but many of them are not easily remembered or used. Please share some more tips below which  are used at the time of coding other than CTRL + C  and CTRL + V …….. 🙂

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  • Hi Aditya,

    I have a few more “tips”. They are quite common though !!

    To comment out a line of code: 

    Place the cursor on the line to be commented out. Then press: ” Ctrl + < “. To comment out a block of lines, select those lines and then press: ” Ctrl + < “.

    To un-comment a line of code:

    Place the cursor on the line to be commented out. Then press: ” Ctrl + > “. To un-comment out a block of lines, select those lines and then press: ” Ctrl + > “.

    One more thing that I use often to format the code is the “column select” i.e. press and hold the “Alt” key while selecting (using the mouse) some lines. The SELECTs will be sometimes like:

    SELECT *





    and I always like to format it as:

    SELECT *

                   FROM BSEG

                   INTO TABLE GT_BSEG

                   FOR ALL ENTRIES IN GT_BKPF


    I don’t know why I like it this way…This is my own quirkiness (over a period of time, I have become a creature of habit ) 😛 . So to format SELECTs my way, I use this “column select” feature and then press the “Tab” key.

    Apart from these, I use a lot of keyboard shorcuts provided by SAP like:

    Ctrl + F1: display/change

    Ctrl + F2: Syntax Check

    Ctrl + F3: Activate

    Ctrl + F: Search functionality

    F8: Execute

    F3: Back

    Shift + F3: Cancel

    Ctrl + Shift + F5: Display object list/dependent objects

    Shift + F5: open a program (or any other object) while one has another program opened in ABAP Editor.

    Shift + F1: Pretty Printer

    ….there are many.

    Bottomline: It all depends on how many shortcuts one is willing to remember and internalize.

  • Hi,

    Many of the Keyboard Shortcuts I find out by accident.

    Here’s one “CTRL + F” for find, “CTRL + G” for the next location of the search string.


  • Hi,

          One of useful short cut  CTRL + SPACE to get the next possible words.

    Example :

         in coding   LWA_TABLE-  if we press CTRL + SPACE we will get all column names,

        similarly start any keyword or variable names and if we press CTRL+SPACE it will suggest all valid possible values.



  • 1. To open a new session – ctrl & +  and ctrl + N

    2. System Administration information ctrl + shift + F8

    3. Manual entry of Transaction Code ctrl + shift + F8

    4. Create folder in Favorite list ctrl + shift + F5

    5. Add additional object ctrl + shift + F7

    6. Direct go to Role maintenance ctrl + shift + F12

    7. Select text on SAP screen ctrl + Y

    8. To access history of Transaction code used.

    Click on the Transaction code command field and use UP and DOWN arrow keys

    9. To go to the Transaction code command field on SAP screen ctrl + ?

    10. To download and upload the user favourites within/across systems in SAP Easy Access Screen alt + F + W and alt + F + U

    for more…


    . Chandra..

  • Hi,

    Here’s one more I frequently use.

    When writing comments for your code to maintain the camel case (word-first_letter in upper case and rest of the word in lower case) use the shortcut <CTRL> + J.

    Keeps things neat and tidy that way. 🙂


  • HI ,

         Thankx for all yours overwhelming response.

    Some more tips to add ,

    1)  to save the program into your desktop use CTRL + SHIFT  + S – save the   program      in .abap extension ( we can open with notepad).

    2) To search variable as we do in our document or browser ( CTRL + SHIFT + I ).



  • Hi,

    1. Everyone knows go to the beginning or end of a statement press <HOME> or <END>.
    2. To go to the next word on the right or left direction from the present cursor position, use <CTRL> + <RIGHT ARROW> or <CTRL> + <LEFT ARROW> .
    3. Though already covered by praveen kumar using the <CTRL> + <SPACE> while coding introduces you to so many different new keywords associated with a command. I was so happy when my friend showed me this shortcut 😆 .


  • Few more.

    CTRL + /  to jump directly to command prompt

    Ctrl + Alt + Num+  to increase(zoom-in) the text size.

    Ctrl + Alt + Num-   to decrease(zoom-out) the text size.

    Ctrl + Shift + V functionality to paste the recently copied lines from one program to other

    CTRL +  to Create Sap shortcut

    SHIFT + F10  ti call context menu


  • Hi All,

    Keyboard shortcuts for left – hand people are need in order to have the same functionality as CTRL+C (to copy), CTRL+X (to cut) and CTRL+V (to paste).




    Thanks & Regards,