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C_PM_71 (ASAP 8) Experience

I’ve just completed SAP Associate PM exam last week. First, wanted to thank SAP team who was working on ASAP 8 as such and C_PM_71 exam in particular. Great experience I should say. I am familiar with many PM/SDLC-related methodologies and I was positively surprised how ASAP 8 managed to combine some of the best pieces from each of them in a concise manner. The roadmap itself became cleaner (in comparison with previous versions) and leaner with more straight to the point accelerators and not over-complicated RACI matrix.

I plan to write an extended post focusing on ASAP 8 goodies from IT PM and IT Service Management perspectives, drawing parallels with PMBOK, PRINCE2, MSP, ITIL and IPMA ICB.

Bottom line, if you only speak SAPanese, ASAP 8 will give you a broader perspective to industry-standard IT PM, ALM and ITSM approaches (’cause world doesn’t end with SAP. Maybe); if you are new to SAP but have general PM/ITSM background, ASAP 8 will show you how to apply that knowledge within the SAP environment.     

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  • Alexey, thank you for the positive feedback. It means a lot to me and the team that worked on the ASAP 8 content, ASA380/R training and C_PM_71 certification.

    You may be interested to know that we have conducted review of the PM content in ASAP against OPM3 standard and ASAP scored 100% compliance for PM process and artifacts.

    We also made sure to be as closely aligned with ALM framework in ITIL for both the implementation and operations part of the methodology. As you say we blend the skills and disciplines that are required for successful implementation, adoption and operations of SAP solution.

    • Hi Jan,

      That is a great news. Especially, for organizations with not (well) established PM/ITSM practices. Now they can not only standardize business processes and IT applications landscape around SAP but also streamline their PM processes with a help of ASAP.



      BTW, I am moving to Toronto (jenom kousek od PA 🙂 ) next week. So, hope to catch up in person one day at TechEd or somewhere else.

    • Hi Jan, what are the key differences between C_PM_70 and C_PM_71?

      I had C_PM_70 certification in 2012. Would be keen to fill the knowledge gap.

      Thanks, Faisal

      • Hi Faisal,

        the main difference between the two versions is that C_PM_70 is built around ASAP 7 and C_PM_71 is built around latest release of ASAP 8. If you already completed ASAP 7 certification I would suggest you to review the ASAP 8 introduction session and study the methodology.

        Re-certification this soon after passing the original exam is not necessary.

        If you were to do the certification without having one I would steer you towards C_PM_71, but since you are already certified updating your knowledge should be sufficient.

        Hope this helps.


    • Hi Jan

      Why the new ASA380 material is not updated with the new structure of ASAP 8 and still using ASAP 7.1 context and structure (mentioning ASA380 external).



        • Thank you so much for your reply. Actually I am planning to sit for c_pm_71 exam very soon and looking forward for any SAP books for questions to practice before going through.

          I would appreciate if you guide me on that matter.

          • Hi Yousaf,

            The course material is quite thorough and could help you for exam preparation. However, if you are looking for details on each of the concepts covered in the course, you may want to explore ASAP methodology which not only describes each of the work stream but also provide additional references.

            Basically what you need to understand is

            1. the activities within each group,
            2. how they are related with other streams. For instance, in Project Preparation Phase, the Change Management plan would be a key input to overall Project Plan.
            3. the tools supporting those activities.

            The methodology is very useful and helps a lot in understanding complete cycle of SAP solutions. In addition to providing details on implementation, it also explains SAP operation processes.

            I highly recommend SAP Consultants, regardless of their specialties functional / technical / technology, to explore ASAP methodology as it helps in relating their work in overall context and ultimately delivering value to customers they’re working for / with.

          • There is a book that goes into the details of the methodology, but I do not believe it will be sufficient for preparation for the exam as it stays fairly high level. The book name is Rapid Deployment of SAP Solutions and was published early this year with SAP Press.

            Rapid Deployment of SAP Solutions. of Bernd Welz, Stefan Hänisch, Stefan Kätker, Thomas Reiss, Elvira Wall…

            As Iqbal indicated in his response your best bet is to do the training and self study in the methodology to understand the flow of the deliverables through the delivery project and key deliverables that are produced in each phase.

            Good luck in the exam.

          • The certification (C_PM_71) basically is testing the SAP Project Management knowledge, hence, it has its own value. So one being SAP Certified Associate Project Manager definitely stands-out among other experienced (only) Project Managers, for having professional credentials.

          • Kaleem,

            I would suggest you to consider waiting for the certification exam for SAP Activate that are planned to be released during the first half of 2016. We are already working on this as the courses have been completed before Christmas – e.g. ACT100 and ACT200 courses for the methodology part of SAP Activate.

            Best Regards, Jan

          • Thanks for your suggestion Jan; by the way, I am trying to gain access to “SAP Activate Methodology Jam group” by registering on the provided smartsheet registration link since past few days, but haven’t received an invitation (Checked the Junk folder as well)

            Could you help with this.



          • Hello Kaleem,

            please check your mailbox. I see that you were invited yesterday (7th) and I sent you reminder invite e-mail today.

            Best Regards, Jan

          • Hello Jan,

            You have given very useful info here, much appreciated.

            As an experienced SAP Consultant and PM, I would like to go for a certification either C_PM_71 or C_ACT_2016 – SAP Activate Project Manager.

            I understand that the SAP Activate PM is the new methodology developed by SAP, but little bit confuse on to go with either ASAP 8.0 or Activate methodology.

            Can you please advise me which one is the better and latest to move forward.







          • @Rama – I would not invest in ASAP certification at this point. Activate is the current methodology / framework for SAP projects.


  • Hi Alexey,

    Thanks for opening this thread! it is really helpful!

    ASA380 is the only course to study for appearing C_PM_71 exam? If not can u please help me with the names of the course pdf’s?