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This document highlights some factors and benefits of the solution GuiXT, along with few ROI cases…


Reduce training time and increase user comprehension

  • Change standard ERP terminology to those your organization’s pervasive business terms, thus eliminating ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Reduce manual data entry by automating redundancies

Increase productivity, efficiency, and data integrity

  • Rearrange your ERP tabs and fields to match those of your internal processes
  • Hide unused fields and create validations for all of the fields necessary to achieve a complete set of mandatory data

Increase speed, ease of navigation, and ensure a comprehensive data footprint

  • Consolidate multiple tabs and screens within your transactions and create a streamlined and easy to navigate environment
  • Consolidate multiple transactions into one screen and ensure that users provide all necessary data without expending extra effort


  1. Increase in productivity creates direct Full Time Employee (FTE) benefits thereby enabling a redeployment of resources to other areas of this business
  2. Increase in efficiency improves employee experience and reduces training and retraining burden from the company and management
  3. Speed, clarity, and ease of navigation creates enhanced customer satisfaction and leads to more happy and reference-able clients
  4. Automation and validation reduces the time required to navigate through systems and ensures a more comprehensive data set for management reporting
  5. Consolidation and streamlining creates a cleaner and more scalable environment that is more conducive to retention of existing workforce without the need for additional resource expenditure
  6. Survival of enhancements through upgrades ensures that your investment is preserved and additional resources are used for additional enhancements
  7. Ease and speed of deployment ensures that you can create a multitude of enhancements in a very short time with near immediate results
  8. GuiXT can enable Mobile, Web, and Offline environments for your SAP ERP application in addition to the traditional SAP GUI

ROI – Case 1

Canada Post optimizes HR Appraisal process using GuiXT.


  • There are no employee names or numbers on the initial PPPM or PPPD screens, making it impossible to differentiate between the appraisals listed without clicking on additional icons to go to another screen
  • As more and more appraisals are tied to a People Manager, it became more time consuming to find a specific appraisal
  • There were problems with ensuring correct appraisals were displayed/updated without having the personnel number of the Line Manager and employee indicated on the individual appraisal screen


  • Canada Post cited that using GuiXT increases productivity and user satisfaction by simplifying the screens and streamlining the processes. Through GuiXT, Canada Post can reduce training costs and eliminate the usability barrier between the users and the business processes



ROI – Case 2

Steelscape used GuiXT for RF/Mobile Development.


  • There was need to make SAP transactions available on hand-held devices
  • Goal was to keep development to a minimum level


  • GuiXT and GuiXT Mobile enhanced Steelscape’s user interfaces, improved employee productivity, and facilitated better shipment tracking. Steelscape processes about 3000 scans a day, using about 200 man hours. With GuiXT, that is reduced to 17 man hours (12X faster)



ROI – Case 3

A US Customer observes 2 processes before and after GuiXT.


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