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The SCN Innovation and Enhancements Idea Session Guidelines

The SCN Innovation and Enhancements Idea Session is a platform for SAP Community Network members to submit innovative ideas, suggestions and feedback related to our community. We aim to continuously improve SCN and its practices. Our users are an important part of this process. Since the category launch in 2010, 337 ideas were submitted, 25% of which were successfully delivered to the community!

Until today the process of reviewing ideas has been continuous and indefinite. Some ideas were kept months in their original status. This was caused by a lack of a time limit, since individual ideas can be relevant even if submitted years ago. We wanted to give these ideas a chance of gaining more votes and so allowed them to remain open, often untouched. 

Read the Guidelines

Following community feedback and in order to make this category more efficient, we decided to add general guidelines to SCN Idea Place session. By making the process more transparent, we would like to encourage SCN members to participate in our innovation process and contribute to community progress. Today in order to get your idea reviewed by our team it will require at least 15 votes. In addition ideas today will have a time limit. These and other rules can be found in the category guidelines under the About tab (see a sample below). It is important to read them before posting an idea. Ideas that will not follow our rules will be archived.

Review Process Timeline

Once a week

Once a month

Once a year

Once a week new ideas will be reviewed in order to determine the relevancy to the category.

1) If irrelevant to the category the idea will be either moved to another idea session or archived.

2) If relevant, the idea will remain in Submitted status for votes, comments and other feedback.

Once a month ideas will be reviewed for voting progress.

1) An idea which received 15 votes will be reviewed by our team. The status will be changed to Under Review. 

2) Ideas having less than 15 votes will remain with a Submitted status.

In the beginning of each year all ideas submitted in the preceding year will be reviewed. The review will be made based on number of votes, comments and general feedback each idea received. Based on internal constraints (ex: budget and resources) and strategic prioritization, all ideas in Submitted/Under Review stage will be addressed at that time.

Have your say 

We encourage our members to log in to the category and submit new ideas. We are open to brand new ideas as well as suggestions to improve current features. Even if your idea was already submitted, you can still contribute! Help promoting ideas that were submitted by other users or challenge ideas by demoting and commenting on them. With the new threshold of 15 votes per idea it’ll be more difficult for submitter to reach the review minimum. You have the power to bring them closer or keep afar from the goal.

Some ideas are big wins, some are not. The community has the power to decide!

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    • Hi Jürgen,

      To your comment about view and vote discrepancy. Idea Place was migrated to a new platform as of Dec 14th, 2012. The votes were migrated but not the view count. Effectively, the views count was reset Dec 14th, 2012 on all existing ideas.

      And to your comment about SSO, Idea Place now uses the same credentials as SCN/SMP/SAP IDS but does not perform auto-login. We are looking into this functionality but no ETA on that yet.



  • My ideas fly under the radar, he-he. 🙂 It shows 6 views and 6 votes now – yay!

    Good to have a clear guideline, but I wonder – what channels are we suposed to use to promote our ideas? Could SCN home page possibly feature the ideas that, say, have 10-14 votes (i.e. “almost there”)?

    • Hi Jelena,

      That’s an interesting idea in itself, and I will bring that to the homepage team to discuss the possibilities.

      Since there is probably no automated feed available, the possibility of doing this may be limited. But it’s worth discussing!



    • Hi Jelena,

      You can always use the Twitter feature which is available for each idea.

      We’ll discuss with our team members regarding other promotion channels that can be used on SCN.



  • What about ideas that SAP currently tags as “Not planned by SAP”? Example: “Dislike / thumbs down button“.

    It is currenty not very transparent by SAP to just set a status “not planned by SAP” without stating some reasons for this decision. For the customer connection program SAP is pursuing in parallel with customers there is at least an explanation for topics that are rejected. I would also expect the same for the ideas: a discussion before the decision and an explanation after the decision.

    Will ideas in the “not planned” status be reconsidered/re-reviewed later on again?



    • Hi Martin,

      I’m sorry for the delayed reply, I was in a student summit in Moscow and didn’t have access to my emails.

      In our guidelines we provided reasons for rejecting ideas, these are based on internal constraints (budget/resources) and strategic prioritization. In addition there are platform limitations that should be taken into consideration.

      Ideas can be re-reviewed after being rejected, however we need to see that community members are interested in certain idea implementation and continue voting for it.

      As for the “Dislike / thumbs down button” idea, it will be re-reviewed and the update will come soon (Jelena Perfiljeva).

      Thank you,