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SAP Event Que Issue

HI Friends,

I am using SAPWEB and LR to record some business scenario’s.

Issue is:::—

  • SAP Event Que is not being correlated using web_reg_save_param as it can not be correlated. Or it may  be due to some other issue. If some of you has worked on LR and SAP WEB, i am sure you would have faced similar issue. Can you put some light on what was the work around to the issue?

So Question is ::-

a). how to correlate  the below mentioned????

b). Is there a patch for this that HP has supplied??


Error that i am getting without correlating SAPEVENTQUE::-


Function in script having issue

“Body=sap-wd-appwndid=49e0a457f34811e29fa2000000171d62&sap-wd-cltwndid={cltwndid1}&sap-wd-norefresh=X&sap-wd-secure-id={secureid}%3D%3D&SAPEVENTQUEUE=InputField_Change%EE%80%82Id%EE%80%84APIDMCJH.BasicView.KeywordCriteriaInputField%EE%80%85Value%EE%80%84flange%20table%EE%80%83%EE%80%82Delay%EE%80%84full%EE%80%83%EE%80%82urEventName%EE%80%84INPUTFIELDCHANGE%EE%80%83%EE%80%81Button_Press%EE%80%82Id%EE%80%84APIDMCJH.BasicView.GoButton%EE%80%83%EE%80%82ClientAction%EE%80%84submit%EE%80%83%EE%80%82urEventName%EE%80%84BUTTONCLICK%EE%80%83%EE%80%81Form_Request%EE%80%82Id%EE%80%84…form%EE%80%85Async%EE%80%84false%EE%80%85FocusInfo%EE%80%84%40%7B%22sFocussedId%22%3A%20%22APIDMCJH.BasicView.GoButton%22%7D%EE%80%85Hash%EE%80%84%EE%80%85DomChanged%EE%80%84false%EE%80%85IsDirty%EE%80%84false%EE%80%83%EE%80%82EnqueueCardinality%EE%80%84single%EE%80%83%EE%80%82%EE%80%83”, LAST);


Kindly let me know if you need more information


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      Adrian Tao

      Hi Ajay,

      Pls use Start a discussion to share your issue with us, Create document is for publishing official documents provided by developer or HP side.

      Pls see below for SAPEVENTQUE issue.


      As explained in the following web page, the reason of this problem is that Web Dynpro application has its own way of URL encoding.

      …is an encoding of…;sap-ext-sid=zuUt57Mx_3J

      …which means that…

          * ~003A is :

          * ~002F is /

          * ~002F is /

          * ~003D is =

          * ~003B is ;

      But what about the encoded values with an “E” at the start? Searching through the source code, we find that these are special “event separators”…

          * ~E001 is EVENT

          * ~E002 is SECTION_BEGIN

          * ~E003 is SECTION_END

          * ~E004 is KEYVALUE

          * ~E005 is KEYVALUE_PAIR

          * ~E006 is COLLECTION_ENTRY

      Resolution 1:

      One solution to the problem might be the customer to create functions to handle Web Dynpro's way of URL encoding as explained in the above web page to submit the required value during replay. Customer can develop the functions to encode and decode the Web Dynpro’s way of URL encoding to calculate the dynamic values as mentioned in the link above.

      Resolution 2:

      This second workaround is coming from the Web Dynpro developers:

      In patch SAPKB70106, we introduced a parameter ('sap-wd-stableids=X')  that can be added to the URL of a Web Dynpro ABAP application to enable stable IDs for the respective application. 

      With this parameter, the Web Dynpro framework will generate stable Ids for most application scenarios.  Nevertheless, even with this parameter, there are still some scenarios where stable IDs will not be used.

      Note that the above workaround needs a minimum of patch SAPKB70106 to be installed and not guaranteed to work in every situation