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COPA Regeneration in SAP BW


This document details about regenerating the existing COPA DataSource.


We go for regeneration of CO-PA DataSource when we have to bring in additional field/Characteristics for reporting purpose. 
Since CO-PA is a regenerating application you can’t add a new field directly to an existing CO-PA data source from the Operating Concern.

You need to delete the data source and then re-create it with the same name.  While doing so we need to add the fields from the following:

  • Characteristics from object level
  • Characteristics from the object table
  • Quantity unit fields
  • Characteristics from line items
  • Value fields

Business Scenario

A change in report was initiated by the client to the calculate the Net Sales as Gross Sales- Discount- Rebate + Other Income.

To calculate the other income, they added 2 new value fields in Operating concern, one for other income from SD and the other from FI.

This necessitated the regeneration of the existing costing-based COPA DataSource.

ECC Side


New fields are to be added up in the Operating Concern through KEA6 before starting with BW specific activities.


  1. Go to RSA6 in ECC DEV and check for the existing DataSource.  Make a note of the existing fields  and then select the DataSource and click on the delete button.  The following pop up comes, click yes.  This will delete the extract structure of the existing DataSource.


2.  Go to KEB0 and recreate the DataSource with the same name.


In the next screen, select the newly added value fields.


After selecting all the required fields click on Info Catalog or F7.


You will get the following screen.  Give Selection checks for data selection.


Click Save or generate DataSource.  This will prompt a transport request, save the object in it.

Transport it to the source system of your BW DEV.

BI Side

1. Once the transport is done to the source system, login to BW DEV, Go to tcode- RSA1.

Delete the existing DataSource and the following screens will pop up.




We have selected ‘No’ as we wanted to reuse the same delta infopackage.  The transformation and DTP from DataSource to DSO also gets deleted.


2. Now select the specific Application Component CO-PA, context menu and replicate metadata.


Double click on the newly replicated DataSource and check whether the newly added fields have been replicated.


3. Now create 2 infoobjects for mapping the new fields using the same description and properties maintained in the source system.


Add these infoobjects to all the subsequent data targets.  Proceed to creating a transformation between the Datasource and the DSO.


Map the fields in the existing transformations to all other subsequent data targets.

Activate all inactive objects.  Check for object consistencies.  Collect all the changes in a transport request and transport to BW QAS/PRD as your landscape may be.  Transport the changes done in ECC DEV to ECC PRD. 

Login to BW PRD.  Replicate metadata and proceed with deleting the existing data in data targets.  Then start off Initialization with Data transfer after deleting the existing initialization.  Once successful, load to subsequent targets.  This will bring in historical records to the newly added value fields.

Thank you for going through this document.  Hope it has been helpful.

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