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Maintain our own pattern during code


We generally have certain pattern to be followed in our company while coding.

Each time typing all these text at certain position is just headache…….SAP has provided creating pattern functionality.

Here you go:-

From transaction SE38 follow the menu path as shown in the screen shot and click on Create pattern submenu

Note: You can change, display or delete a pattern from the same menu path as shown here.


Next enter the pattern name.


Now in the next screen enter the pattern content that you want to define and press save button.

Mainta3 (1).jpg

Now go back to the program editor and press pattern button for inserting the newly created pattern in the program.


In the next popup screen choose the Other pattern radio button and press enter.


Now from the generated list double click on the pattern that we have created above.

Mainta6 (1).jpg

Pattern content will be inserted in the program.


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