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Changing Your SAP GUI Colours

Changing Your SAP System Colours

It can be quite confusing and even dangerous when you are using different SAP systems (DEV/QA/PROD/etc.).

To minimise the risk you can set different colours for each system.

This blog explains how to change the colour of your SAP system. And here are some examples:

Colour =


Colour = Lunar Orbit

Colour = Rose

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 – Set the SAP GUI Settings:

Open the SAP Logon pad and go to the Options menu path.

Step 2 – SAP GUI Options:

Select the Enjoy Theme in the SAP GUI Options screen.

Step 3 – Log-off All Systems:

You now need to log-off all SAP systems and ensure all Logon Pads are also closed.

Step 4 – Change System Colours:

Log on to a SAP system and select the Options button in the SAP Easy Access screen, then click the Options element on the drop-down menu.

Step 5 – Selection Your System Colour:

Now you’ve logged onto an SAP system, if you then open the Visual Design menu you should now find that the Colours in System option is available. Click on this option and choose you desired system colour.

Note 1: the colour is set for the system, not client. So DEV-001 and DEV-002 will be the same colour. However, you can make QA or PROD systems different. I tend to make my production systems the Rose colour which is the closest to RED – meaning danger.

Note 2: you will need to log on to each system in turn to change the colours.

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