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A Few Questions with the Analytics Ninja – Gera Mats


Q: So we should begin with the title of your ad from the new SAP Services branding campaign out on the market, what do you think?

A: “Analytics Ninja” has a nice ring to it! I got to see the full ad for the first time at Sapphire Orlando in a big display, which was pretty cool.

Q: Can you give us some examples of how you help to unlock the
power of SAP for your clients?

A:  The complexity of our customers businesses is growing at an incredible pace.  Add to that across multiple disparate systems! You also have an enormous growth in data volumes.  This combination of system complexity and data growth leaves companies flat-footed.  I often see our customers grapple with their data issues, or for others, how to find that low-hanging fruit for quick wins through services projects, as a precursor to more holistic projects.

Q: With your work around analytics services, how have you
witnessed the impact on our customer’s customer?

A:  One project that comes to mind is for a Federal agency that handles bankruptcies across the U.S., including the steps for individuals and corporations to file, process and complete the process. It has about seven unique steps, each supported by separate legacy (non-SAP) systems, working in siloes. The agency brought us in, using the SAP Business Intelligence platform, and we helped to create an enterprise-wide view of how they operate, including performance indicators, areas of process improvements, etc. In the sense of our “customer’s customer,” this means less frustration and a better experience for citizens going through a difficult situation (bankruptcy), but hopefully reaching a better future, faster.

Q: Wow you make the solution sound pretty easy, but i am sure it took a lot of work to reach this point!

A:  Yes, of course, and while the SAP Business Intelligence platform is powerful, services are needed to help re-format many of the system attributes to achieve this view, and unlock new possibilities. For example, the case numbers for each bankruptcy case were formatted slightly different within each system, and the agency could only analyse cases within one process-level (system) at a time.

Q: As an Analytics Ninja do you have any hot-tips or pointers for other consultants at SAP?

A:  While most customers I deal with have a similar issue; generally, of grappling with an explosion of disparate data; their processes and approach to the situation will vary greatly. In this sense, there is a lot of relationship management that is really key in helping customers to get beyond the worry of a “data problem,” and by delivering some wins through our work together, helping to change this “worry” into an untapped “data opportunity.” I really enjoy helping customers reach this point, because this usually sets up the most ambitious, game-changing projects for their organizations.

Q: So Gera, when you’re not helping customers to stop worrying and love their data, what do you like to do in your spare time?

A:  I’m actually really into scuba diving, a nice relaxing diversion from the day-to-day world. And I got certified right here in DC!

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